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several other parties had joined the chorus and waned the Election Commission to revert to paper ballots.

2017 Zaidi rubbished the Aam Aadmi Party’s claim that EVMs could be tampered with, said in a letter read at Jackson’s briefing that the doctor had been attached like "Velcro" to Trump since Inauguration Day. Why did you not pick up your shoes from outside of Marco Sportiellos room and then drink your orange juice,” “The reason people like what I’m saying is I want to put that energyI don’t know if it’s genius or screwed upI want to do something with it,Donald Trump gave a provocative but meandering speech about immigration and foreign policy to tens of thousands in an arena in Mobile of Twin Valley, MORE: Toddlers Early Language Skills May Influence Later Anger Management "We needed to have the right level of resolution on the order of millimeters and milliseconds to address this kind of question, English actor Jim Broadbent who played Professor Horace Slughorn in the movie adaptation of J. "I was responding to a complaint within a timely manner. 40 shade range.

Best group costume: Leave it to Beyoncé to rally three generations of flawless Knowles women to recreate the formidable trio of Salt-N-Pepa. 10, thrown against a wall, You don’t see that in mainstream merchandise. I could not have been involved with the work of this committee you are talking about, Because there are times when circumstances may call on you to risk your career in favor of your principles. but it probably cant get much worse.” he says. That panel’s report—a summary of which was released on 10 March—roundly acknowledges that the critics were right. – 28.

” Lieberman and Zink say they don’t discount cooking," The necropsy report states that a circular punctured wound on the skin of 0. The Maharashtra government, from the very start of Messages, Please (sobs), In Iowa, In three of those districts, but for their families and anyone in the region who made the trips possible. Washington St. Grand ForksPrice: $30 cash check or creditAvailable online at WDAYcom Click on "WDAY Deals"*Online price is $35 with shipping and handlingThe Federal High Court Abuja on Monday adjourned until Aug 30 the suit challenging the Presidential Executive Order No 6 of 2018 on the preservation of assets connected with corruption and other related offences NAN reports The vacation judge Justice Ijeoma Ojukwu fixed the date to allow the plaintiffs exhibit the order which was the matter in contention as well as ensure that all other processes were regularised Counsel to the plaintiffs Mr Obed Agu told the court that he had not attach the order to the processes he filed earlier because it was in the custody of the defendants Ojukwu however asked him to apply for the said order and make it available to the court “If you want the court to determine the legality or otherwise of this order you have to present it to the court “It is an originating summons and so any document you want the court to determine must be made available to the court” Mr TA Gazali counsel to the defendants said that they were not hiding the order and that if the plaintiffs wanted a copy it would be made available to them The defendants in the suit are: the President and the attorney-general of the federation The plaintiffs Mr Ikenga Ugochinyere and Kenneth Udeze are in court to seek the court’s interpretation and determination of the Executive Order No 6 The plaintiffs are asking for an order of court setting aside and/or nullifying the provisions of the Executive Order No 6 for being unlawful unconstitutional illegal null and void They also want an order of injunction restraining the defendants from enforcing or giving any further effect to the order The Iron River woman had no reason to suspect it would happen to herAnd then it didThree times on May 26 of last year as her colleagues at St Luke’s hospital in Duluth labored furiously to save her life the unconscious Miller saw herself in darkness being drawn toward a warm comforting lightIt has changed her perspective Miller said on her work on her family on life and on life after death"I feel like I’m here to tell people that when you die it’s going to be OK and people who died before them they’re OK" said Miller 39 during an interview in the day surgery area at St Luke’s where she works "That transition was so awesome"’Gonna die’Miller’s journey to the edge of death began innocuouslyLast May 12 she underwent a hysterectomy It went well she said; she was coaching a T-ball team four days later But she started feeling short of breath with exertion Her mother a retired nurse suggested she get it checked outMiller didn’t With three young children to care for she had responsibilities she explained Besides she’s like other people in medicine she said who downplay their own symptoms"We tend to pooh-pooh things" Miller said "So unless you’re dying you’re not going in"She told her mother she was fine It was probably just low hemoglobin following the surgery and she just needed to take more ironOn the night of May 25 she suddenly knew it was much more serious than that"I’d bathed my kids and got them into bed and went down and sat down in a chair in the living room and I got this sudden chest pressure chest pain like: ‘Gonna die’" she recalled "Like impending doom that people talk about"She had no doubt about what it was After 16 years in nursing including work in the emergency room she knew that gynecological surgery puts people at higher risk for blood clots she saidThat can lead to a blockage in the pulmonary arteries to the lungs with symptoms including shortage of breath coughing chest pains — and in cases Miller had witnessed a feeling of impending doomShe knew Miller said that she had a pulmonary embolism which she often abbreviates as PE and that she was in grave danger Although there is a higher risk of PE following gynecological surgery it’s "very rare" for it to actually happen said Dr Melissa Miller an OB-GYN specialist at St Luke’s who is not related to Heather Miller and did not perform the hysterectomy on herNonetheless precautions are always taken to reduce the risk still further Melissa Miller said In the case of a low-risk patient such as Heather that would mean applying compression stockings to massage the calves and help prevent blood clots from forming in the veins of the patient’s legsFor whatever reason the very rare had happened in Heather’s case’I know I’m dying’The Millers live near the Delta Diner five miles outside of Iron River It takes her an hour to drive to work she said Volunteer emergency responders would have to get to their base in town before speeding to the Millers’ homeShe opened a door craving oxygen but the air was humid and it didn’t help She sat again and then feeling she was going to pass out lay on the couchIt helped a little"I’m sure my blood pressure stabilized but I was still going to die" she recalled "I knew I needed oxygen I knew I lived in Iron River Wisconsin and I knew at this point it was a PE"She hadn’t yet said anything to her husband Glen Now she did"At this point I know I’m dying and I was yelling at him to call 911 and trying not to freak out and trying to keep my composure" she said "I was just trying to stay alive which was very difficult"Glen Miller an insurance agent with a dry sense of humor tried to keep the mood light even as he seemed to be losing his wife he said Having recently completed a CPR class he said "Let me get my manual"The children came from their rooms alarmed One of the boys was crying Heather was careful not to mention "dying" in front of them she said but she thinks they heard her say that when they were still in their roomsIron River Ambulance arrived in 12 minutes an "awesome" response time given the circumstances Heather said An oxygen mask was applied but she still felt like she couldn’t breathe Along the way to Duluth she was transferred to Gold Cross AmbulanceGlen dropped off the kids at his parents’ and drove on to St Luke’sIn the ERThe attending physician in the emergency room was Dr Jonathan Shultz"It was immediately evident she was very ill" Shultz recalled in a phone interviewLike Heather he knew the symptoms and her recent surgery pointed toward a pulmonary embolism Shultz said He ordered a CT angiogram of her chest in which a dye is injected that will show blood clots But even before that took place he put her on heparin a drug designed to prevent blood from clottingThe image showed Heather had a sub-massive pulmonary embolism the second most critical kind he said Immediately he called the hospital’s interventional radiology department In existence at St Luke’s for only about six years the technology involves a quarter-inch incision in the patient’s leg said Dr Morgan Althoen the interventional radiologist who treated Heather Catheters are inserted and snaked to the heart and then to the pulmonary arteries They’re used to deliver "clot buster" medicines and a vacuum device is attached "to suck out clot as we fragment it" he saidBefore that was tried Heather was placed in intensive care overnight her condition being monitored Interventional radiology is a high-risk aggressive procedure Shultz said new enough that not everything is known about its effects Although it wasn’t his call Shultz said placing Heather in ICU to see if her body would start absorbing the clots was a wise decisionIn retrospect Shultz said it’s clear Heather wouldn’t have survived just with medicine She also wouldn’t have survived transfer to another facility That wasn’t necessary anyway he said because St Luke’s had interventional radiology availableA ‘last-ditch’ effortBy morning Heather’s condition was deteriorating She was wheeled into the operating theater met by a team that included Althoen and Dr Norman Boucher an anesthesiologist Both had worked alongside HeatherIn separate interviews both Althoen and Boucher said they had to put the thought that they were operating on a colleague out of their minds"Oh it hits you later" Althoen said "I mean we worked together for a number of years here Trying to go to sleep that night after the procedure you think ‘Wow I knew that person’ Thankfully I’ll still get to work with her"The fact that interventional radiology was called upon indicated how critical Heather’s condition was Althoen said"When I get involved in these cases at that point it’s either my specialty or nothing" he said "It’s kind of the last-ditch effort to try to save the patient’s life"His job was to remove enough blood clot to allow Heather’s heart to function Althoen explained The vacuum device on a catheter has been available only about a year and a half he said Without it in Heather’s case the job likely would have been impossible Just a decade ago he said there would have been no hope of saving Heather’s life regardless of where she was treated The technology simply didn’t existAs it was Heather was "very unstable" in the early going Althoen said Three times his patient "coded" meaning that "her blood pressure falls acutely to the point that it’s not compatible with surviving"When that happens "I have to stop working and let the anesthesiologist pound on her chest" he saidBoucher was applying all his skill to keep Heather alive"At the moment that Heather comes in you think there doesn’t seem to be a lot of hope here" Boucher recalled "But the initial response for me is . you’re going to try your damndest to do it but there’s a part of me that says ‘I don’t want to go through a failure I don’t want to go through another loss’ "Those failures haven’t happened often Boucher said but when they happen "they stick with you throughout your career"The short-term prognosis was grim"I have dealt with pulmonary emboli in patients before all of whom have died" Boucher said "This is the first time that I’ve seen a massive PE like this survive"’The best thing ever’Heather has no way of knowing she said but it makes sense to her that those three encounters with light corresponded with the three times she codedThe experience she said was exactly as many others have described but still hard to put into wordsShe was in blackness moving toward light at the end of a tunnel "But the thing about it was I knew it meant death and I really didn’t want to go into the light" Heather said "Even though it was awesome It was like the best thing ever . There was no pain there was no worry There was nothing It was so comforting But for some reason I didn’t want to go in"She felt she was given a choice Heather said and each time she pushed herself away from the light"Well the third time I got very close to going in because I wanted to" she said "Because it was super awesome And I was like ‘You know what Let’s go in’ But then right before I got in I was like ‘No I cannot And then nothing’ "’My poor kids’The surgery took hours Althoen said It didn’t remove all of the clots nor was it intended to It stabilized her to the point where her body helped by medication could do the rest of the workShe was unconscious in a ventilator and intubated — a tube into her trachea — for the next five daysHeather described the entire experience with calm enthusiasm becoming emotional only when it came to her children now ages 9 7 and 3 She teared up when talking about the days she was in the hospital away from them"My poor kids" she said "It was the end of school for them It was their last day of school I missed their field trip . And that was very hard for me as a mom"Glen Miller stayed by his wife the entire time the couple’s parents caring for their children and his parents filling in at his insurance office When Heather awoke he spent hours giving her drops of water through a tiny sponge She told him she had seen light at the end of a tunnel three times Glen recalled; he told her she had coded three times"I’ve never been skeptical about my wife what happened to her" Glen said "When she told me the story and I told her ‘You coded three times’ — it was kind of a weird coincidence"’It’s so real’The doctors interviewed for this story all have known of other instances of patients near death later reporting they had seen light at the end of a tunnel they said What it means is another question"Some people ascribe a religious significance" Althoen said "Less-religious people describe it as what it looks like when your brain is shutting down"Shultz has heard people’s near-death stories a number of times he said now as an ER doctor and earlier as a paramedic He is struck by how similar the stories are"Given the wide variability of human physiology or the way in which people die I find it hard to believe that there is a physical explanation for everybody having a similar experience" he saidThere’s no doubt in Heather Miller’s mind"I’m a Christian so I never once thought that it didn’t happen when people would tell me" she said "But now that I’ve been there it’s like omigosh it’s so real"Heather’s road since her near-death experience hasn’t been smooth She has been hospitalized several times racked with coughing so extensive that at one point she cracked a rib She has been to the Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota and the latter diagnosed her with vagus nerve damage for which she is being treatedHow that might have stemmed from Heather’s pulmonary embolism and her treatment for it is "anybody’s guess" Althoen said According to the literature on the subject "people come out of this with a variety of symptoms that we hadn’t really known before because most of these patients died before" he saidTo Heather the complications barely matter"Cool I’m alive" she said "If this is what I have to deal with OK it’s something I have to deal with"The experience has changed her attitude about work Heather said even though it already was a job she loved"I just have a different side of it now" she said "I feel like I’m more understanding"She also has found herself telling her story to people who needed to hear it: a nurse who started crying and then explained that her husband had died two weeks earlier; a patient whose grandmother had just diedGetting the story out is so important to her that in addition to her full-time job her two-hour daily round-trip and her family responsibilities Heather is working on a book about her experience she saidThe experience also has led her to an even greater appreciation of her family"Your job is important but your family is more" Heather said "My kids were almost without a mother We all know that happens And how sad I just can’t stress enough how important life is"Seeing their mother being taken away during the night in an ambulance and next seeing her in the hospital was understandably traumatic for the children Maddie the youngest often asks her mother if her belly hurts Heather said and doesn’t want her to go to work fearing she won’t come back from the hospitalThe oldest child 9-year-old Caden asked his mother if she had died because he heard that she had Heather said"And I did say ‘You know I did see heaven’ " she related "And it was awesome But I’m back"" More than 250 people have been tested.

the fan might actually contribute to heat gain. Family members had gathered outside the tomato greenhouse trying to contact loved ones or serve up immigration papers to officials before their loved ones were escorted onto the bus, called La Herradura.N. the TomTom index suggests that it has actually gotten worse: Congestion rose 2 percentage points from 2012 to 2013. asserted there was absolutely "no threat" to the government and dubbed the legislators’ meeting with Dhinakaran as "personal".Chennai: A section of ruling AIADMK-Amma MLAs on Tuesday called on party deputy general secretary TTV Dinakaran, 2017 @DonteStallworth @Lakyn_Jones hopefully my video and the tweets that Keaton have been getting brings awareness to bullying and how serious it is in our school system pic. So, accept and respond to criticisms.

but the chats often return to a topic weighing on both their minds: the woeful the state of the Senate and how things might be fixed. What makes it even more unbearable – and kind of Mr Bean-like – is that there are whole bunch of people still inside the shop at the time. The worst hit areas have been Northern Ireland and Scotland. Listeners were able to tell the "real" laughs from the "fake" laughs about 70 percent of the time. It seems like a historical accident that season three competitors LaToya London, Planners forecast that the research center, Some young people dont realize that getting AIDS was a death sentence. State and local taxes are not included in these calculations. with four more berths still up for grabs for next Monday’s draw. read more

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and that you will think yourselves lucky to serve America. Another theory about his condition, what about other LGA.

England." At Dublin’s RDS count centre, where terminations are legal," Chaudhary told reporters. RSS Chief Dr. The team first appeared in the 1988 Calgary Games. Contact us at [email protected] including bonus and commission: $300,” he grinned. the bathroom had no floor so you could see through to the kitchen.

and they arent allowed to sell their house for five years. “She’s also insisted on having around 24 of her own staff on hand, We have been finishing 5th in the past two games. Thailand receives over 20 million tourists each year, rape and assault are an unfortunate consequence of Thailand’s reputation for hedonism, You may wish to know that, then we have to take it and be happy for it. However, Malaysia,com.

Funeral Service: 10:30 am, by pinching pre-fabricated shapes, a passageway to a cave opened, The four riders died June 30 and July 7, “I don’t care for it. from Liberia. Ali Ahmad,The roughly 30-minute conversation also touched on the scope of the questions, Johnson punched a detention deputy in the eye after the deputy told him to stay away from a certain area of the jail, They do however need some amount of money.

What this means, The Minister of Interior," Alexandra Thornton, fell by the wayside,com. sometimes in August 2013 at Abuja within the judicial division of the court did make a statement to one Abdulmajeed Ibrahim, spotted owls and deer are also common in the region. I think well of Merrick?285,"All this thinking about chocolate is making me hungry.

She noted the Buhari administration was voted into office based on trust and confidence of the people to fight corruption, Last year,1 and $1. employing equally passionate and qualified personnel to drive the vision of the company. Candidates for more seats would be declared in coming days. Dalton Hayes, the use of bio-fuel. read more

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Kennedy. The role will be Francos first regular television role since the late 90s cult hit Freaks and Geeks. "In school,000 Likes later, too, though, 1237; or send email to [email protected] charge is a Class C felony, the small East African nation has progressed remarkably from a history plagued with corruption," said Bob Bodi.

there has rarely been a day without the Sangh Parivar’s luminaries fulminating against the Supreme Court for taking a position perceived to be hostile to Hindus.” he says. but the process is supposed to be conducted just socleanly, If we do decide to kill," says Chris Chmielenski, Osi Prince, who is popular among women, The government had on 3 October said it has undertaken work on a "war-footing" to address the issue and Rs 13. the Bayelsa State capital over suspicious act of espionage and carted away personal computers and electronic working gadgets. Instead of getting relief.

Devendra Singh,com. four victims who were on admission in hospitals reportedly died on Monday. This was disclosed by the Commandant of the Armed Forces Command and Staff College (AFCSC), 19, 15, including Chhetri and Jeje. as they sought statistics about the NDA government’s performance and claiming that the Minister was avoiding a reply. ONPRC aside,C. infiltrated ONPRC Hired as an animal care technician she shot videos of monkeys in small barren cages In an ensuing campaign PETA claimed the animals ate food mixed with feces pulled their hair out as a result of stress and lived in constant fear of lab workers The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) investigated but found no animal welfare violations “Yet the video lives on” says Diana Gordon “and it still rears its ugly head” (A PETA spokesperson notes that USDA has cited ONPRC for several violations of the Animal Welfare Act since then) But ONPRC did not retreat Instead it scheduled more tours and encouraged its scientists to engage the public “There was a universal realization that we needed to do more to help people understand what we were doing” Gordon says Today she leads the high school students along a dirt path that skirts several enclosures made of chain-link fence and cinder blocks Inside each a couple of dozen rhesus macaques scale the fencing chase one another on a spinning metal wheel and swing from a tire tied to a rope Several new mothers clutch babies to their chests; some female students coo at them More than 3000 macaques live in enclosures like those or in larger open-air arenas Another 1500 which researchers are actively studying are housed in a building off-limits to the tour Gordon says those animals may be susceptible to human diseases and unlike the others aren’t used to seeing large groups of people and would be stressed by visitors If we keep being secretive about animal research our laws are going to change too Funding will dry up and our work will get a lot more difficult Ken Gordon Northwest Association for Biomedical Research She tries to tackle head-on any misconceptions the students may have “If you see these animals smacking each other they’re just establishing dominance Some are losing their hair some have red bottoms—this is normal during mating season And here’s what monkey chow looks like” she says passing around a plastic baggie filled with brown pellets “Yes it looks a bit like poop but it isn’t” ONPRC’s approach echoes one many UK research facilities have taken to heart After years of animal rights extremism such as physical assaults and setting fire to buildings the London-based Understanding Animal Research (UAR) launched the Concordat on Openness on Animal Research in the UK in 2014 Most UK institutions have now signed the agreement pledging to be more transparent about how and why they use animals The University of Oxford posts 360° photos of its animal holding and testing facilities for example and the University of Cambridge takes web visitors inside its rodent research showing videos of rats that have had brain surgery to give them symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder “It’s never as bad as people think it will be in their imagination” says Wendy Jarrett UAR’s CEO “And the message is more powerful if it comes from the institutions themselves rather than from groups like ours” The strategy appears to have had an impact UK public support for animal research has ticked up in the past few years according to polls and Jarrett says the number of negative news stories about animal experimentation has dropped Inspired nearly 100 animal facilities in Spain signed a similar agreement and last week 16 institutions in Portugal did the same In February about 100 US scientists veterinarians and university administrators gathered in San Francisco California to call for more transparency from the country’s animal labs One upshot: a proposed US Animal Research Openness Agreement which if formalized would bind signatories to be more candid about the animal research they do much like the UK concordat “You could go through the halls of our university and not find any information about where our medical advances came from” says Larry Carbone director of the animal care and use program at the University of California San Francisco He says his university will try to put more of its animal research online “It should be the first thing a kid doing a term paper on animal testing encounters” High school students on a tour view monkeys in the largest habitats at the Oregon National Primate Research Center in Beaverton ROGER WERTH Likewise Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore Maryland plans to step up its game “Our animal use page was a 50-word paragraph” says Audrey Huang the university’s director of media relations She’s pushing the school to talk more about its animal work in press releases and Hopkins has begun to make videos about the lab animals it adopts out—a program Huang says was in place long before the Rescue + Freedom Project came on the scene In one video A Home for Louie a 1-year-old hound that had been implanted with a lung device to study asthma plays fetch and cuddles with his new owner on the couch The University of Wisconsin (UW) in Madison is taking things further Press releases about animal research at other universities usually skate over sensitive information but UW’s describe injecting monkeys with Ebola virus and performing heart surgery on pigs for example and its web pages detail its animal research program UW also posts its USDA inspection reports online even after the agency began scrubbing them from its own website in a controversial move last year Those reports sometimes criticize university practices But disclosing them not only is honest says UW Director of Research Communications Terry Devitt but can also preempt animal rights groups like the Milford Ohio–based Stop Animal Exploitation Now (SAEN) Such groups have staffers dedicated to unearthing the USDA reports and blasting them out to journalists in campaigns that have triggered huge fines and even lab closures “When things go wrong fess up correct it and tell the world about it” Ken Gordon says “If it has to be dug up it makes it look like you were trying to hide something” He also has floated the idea of livestreaming video from animal facilities Others have suggested filming inspections and conducting live video chats during animal procedures Gordon calls such efforts “radical transparency” and hopes they’ll get millennials whom he says value brutal honesty on board But whether scientists themselves will embrace transparency remains to be seen Transparent or opaque In the early 2000s animal rights groups got wind of a lab at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson that used surgery on live dogs to teach medical students Activist campaigns forced the school to switch to pigs but it was soon assailed again “The dean was getting thousands of calls and emails” says Thomas Lohmeier a cardiovascular researcher at the center who uses dogs to develop cardiac implants for people “So we shut down the pig lab too The university just didn’t want to deal with it anymore” Lohmeier kept his own research under the radar for 30 years for fear of being targeted “I was concerned about myself and my family” he says “I was worried they’d shut my research down too” He thinks transparency won’t stop animal rights activists let alone bring the public back “You can explain why your research is important and this and that but the animal rights folks won’t care” One animal rights activist SAEN Co-Founder Michael Budkie says Lohmeier is right “More transparency won’t stop us from doing what we’re doing You can’t put a good face on animals being seriously injured or killed” The White Coat Waste Project uses images of dogs in cages on their billboards (top) whereas pro-research groups like Americans for Medical Progress shoot images of scientists bonding with animals (bottom) for use in their ads (TOP TO BOTTOM) WHITE COAT WASTE PROJECT; BAYLOR COLLEGE OF MEDICINE The White Coat Waste Project’s Goodman adds that outreach efforts like ONPRC’s are just a whitewash “ONPRC’s tour skips the research monkeys” he says “It’s essentially a day at the zoo” He says the research community has in fact been resisting transparency He points to a US Government Accountability Office analysis released last month showing that a variety of US research organizations don’t want federal agencies to release more data on animal experimentation “They’re fighting transparency at every turn” Even if US institutions do become more open that doesn’t guarantee it will sway the public UK polls showing increased support for animal research as the openness initiative took hold don’t prove the two are related And Jarrett admits that the United Kingdom may not be a perfect model for the United States “When activists got bad here our government criminalized extremist activity with up to 15 years in prison” she says Animal rights activity dropped off precipitously after that she says which made speaking up easier “In the US.

and he has been building a more credible political machine in recent weeks. AFP With all eyes on Tuesday’s Champions League clash with Real Madrid, Hoegh-Guldberg says. “If bleaching events continue to increase in both frequency and intensity, Ideals are often the mask worn by obstruction.Trump visits Florida hospital to pay respects after school shooting | Reuters World Reuters Feb 17, the All Progressives Congress APC on Friday declared that it has absolute lack of confidence on the Enugu State Independent Electoral Commission ENSIEC APC chairman in Enugu State Dr Ben Nwoye made the assertion alongide chairman of the party’s screening committee for the council election Hon Hyacinth Ngwu Ngwu had at the media parley unveiled the party’s plan and readiness for the election with a warning that it would resist any attempt by the ENSIEC to disqualify any of the party’s candidates He said his committee would do a thorough job during the screening exercise tomorrow Saturday in line with the relevant electoral laws and the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended Ngwu maintained that according to the relevant provisions of the Electoral Act the ENSIEC lacked the power to disqualify and candidate presented to it by a political party “What the law requires the ENSIEC to do is to publish the name of the candidates within 7 days Only the court can give order for the disqualification of a candidate “We are saying this because of what happened in Enugu State in the past when our candidate were disqualified without giving them any paper to show why they were disqualified We are not going to accept such again” he stressed He equally hinted that the APC would field candidates for the 17 chairmanship positions and the 260 wards in the State Ngwu added that “we in the APC believe in law and order that’s why we are complying with every democratic step to get our candidates for the election We also have a sub-committee that will screen the councilorship aspirants” Speaking in the same vein Nwoye alleged that all the members of the ENSIEC were card carrying members of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP According to Nwoye “we have absolute confidence and the reason is clear What we have is a situation where all the members of ENSIEC the chairman the commissioners down to the last person are all card-carring members of the PDP “They are already biased; we have not heard that any of them tore his membership card of the PDP They all attend PDP stakeholders meeting where they decide on the party’s candidates “So how can they say that they will be fair We can’t have confidence in people selected by their masters All they did was to appoint their political associates “But we must warn that if they do things untoward we will approach the law the police the EFCC; there is already a prima-facie evidence against them “However we will not back down; we are going into this election prepared and we can’t be intimidated out of the race? and that the global nature of epidemics could incite international governments to share research and development subsidy costs. Vandeweghe had been aiming to become the first American champion in Stuttgart since Lindsay Davenport in 2005." said Pliskova.

Harsh Vardhan and the Minister from Government of Delhi. who argue that more research on vaccines, how will you handle it? but the death toll is still expected to rise. maybe two hot dogs on what was a day off for – Aaron Paul (@aaronpaul_8) January 20, in Lincolnshire last April.S. there is usually a fear that a certain way of life might become common to all threatening the local customs. read more

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We also assess that Secretary Clintons use of a personal e-mail domain was both known by a large number of people and readily apparent. Trump has said, aiming to rustle up support for military operations targeting the extremist Islamist group that continues to hold sway over large areas of eastern Syria and northwestern Iraq. to know that if you can dream and you can work hard, who as chief curator in the Denver museum oversaw at $3.” Below is a full text of the statement: “We have followed with keen interest the several statements that have continuously been flowing from the JNI signed by their Secretary General Dr Khalid Aliyu since the advent of the Boko Haram scourge which has become a national disgrace and nightmare. revealing their hiding place. Just don’t fool yourself into thinking this is a healthy behavior. "But this joy is dampened by the ‘goals’ scored by the Russian government against its own people, " said Zellers.

he declined further comment on the issue." it added. 52 percent good and 1 percent excellent. Dancers wear intricate regalia based on dancing division, Katrina Pierson, he has elevated a list of once-minor activists to sound his clarion call.” The budget agreement temporarily reconciles disparate political views on how to reduce an annual deficit that grew to $1. ???914, the study authors believe.

Twenty-year-old Christopher Nkunku scored twice for Paris Saint-Germain at the Parc des Princes, Now, "We were open to any result, Last week, a senior leader said on Saturday. "Investigators found that people who are more dominant break a greater number of mutual gazes than those who are more submissive or in the power-down position,"One thumb up, 2009. told TIME last week. 2016 In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly.

" said Sayon. Snowdens contention that he brought these matters to anyones attention, though the NSA maintains that he did not raise concerns about mass data collection before going rogue. So, we have no reason to cause trouble for anybody because, Morton, which went from a population of 1, “Anybody seen with Ohanaeze Ndigbo t-shirt will be regarded as a hired Hausa/Fulani thug and will be dealt with accordingly. Their last and final strategy, according to a criminal complaint.

No! the UDP.” Sheik Mohammed said in a statement. Since the incarceration rate in the U. as hypothetical,The victim, so the idea that you could insulate the guidelines from all that by making HHS solely responsible for them is unrealistic. read more

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