Xinjiang four small business selling red dates

entrepreneurship is never a simple thing, especially for young people who have no entrepreneurial experience is even more so. Tian Feng is a member, for Tian Feng and his partner, entrepreneurship is easy to say, do not have the Everything is going smoothly., with jujube as sweet memories, there is a lot of frustration beat a retreat. Here’s their story.

business opportunities

rarely seen in Guangzhou Xinjiang jujube

3 22, speaking of a short but memorable entrepreneurial experience, Tian Feng a sunny smile, calm revealed confidence. In 2008, after graduating from the University of Feng Tian, regardless of family opposition, to give up the civil service, to a prospecting company in Kashi, prospecting, moving stones, buy raw materials, all the work on the mine he almost did. Tian Feng recalled: "at that time, I do not have any work experience, everything is zero start, I just want to start from the grassroots exercise, want to prove that I can stand on their own to feed themselves." read more

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What are the children’s paradise strategy


is service for the children, parents are willing to pay, this market wealth is very much, but if the business people, business will be affected, want to make money is no longer easy. But if you can master the relevant small strategy, make money minutes will become a lot easier. So, what are the children’s paradise strategy?

1. in the children’s paradise just opened to allow customers to enter the store free play, and presented with children’s playground features small gifts, increase the visibility of the store in the region, the equivalent of advertising. read more

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What are the nine points that entrepreneurs have to remember

in such a way of entrepreneurship, if we can hold more content, will have a greater help for the development of their own later. So, if you want to venture capital, may wish to remember the following nine points introduced by small. So, entrepreneurs have to remember the nine points?

before this, Xiao Bian also shared many about the entrepreneurial success cheats or something, some might say, just empty talk more of these so-called cheats, but today I would like to share these 9 points, can be said that as long as you must do it, it will help you to start. Remember these 9 points, entrepreneurship must be. read more

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How to open a clothing store to buy a better

has always been the main direction of the clothing industry is a lot of entrepreneurs, business is certainly the need for timely purchase of clothing stores for friends, the first thing to consider is the purchase of the problem. In recent years, more and more people choose their own business, because the clothing industry, the huge business opportunities, making more and more entrepreneurs choose to open a clothing store. But open clothing store, quite a lot of problems to pay attention to. Here on how to open the business to buy the clothing store this problem, to introduce you. read more

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How to do a good job with the wedding marketing

in a variety of cigarette market demand, wedding consumption not only smoke, and people for the price is often not too seriously, therefore, for any one shop, do the wedding for cigarette marketing work, there will be a great help for the development of the business of the shop. With the wedding market is active, with the increase in demand for wedding cigarettes.

in the choice of wedding smoke, consumers in order to create a festive atmosphere, often prefer to buy festive packaging, affordable cigarettes. Currently in Jiyang local wedding market, wedding with cigarette brands is relatively concentrated, mainly the "Taishan" series of "luxury", "grand", "BAXI", "Wang Yue" and "movement" and "general" and other specifications. read more

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Open the hotel can refer to the management model

is now open to the hotel business is not a few, if you fancy a good business opportunities in this industry, then you are free to choose the right business model for investment. What are the models available for reference? Many franchisees are very interested in this issue. Xiao Bian finishing a few hope you have some inspiration.

Hotel entirely by investors to manage and operate, but by adding one or several Hotel Alliance to get some domestic hotel booking and marketing support in operation and management entirely by investors at the same time, choose to join the world first-class hotel organization (such as Leading Hotels of The World), Small (small luxury hotel organization Luxury Hotels of the World Ltd.) and other hotel alliance way to get marketing support. read more

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What needs to pay attention to the car wash shop

car more, corresponding to the needs of the automotive service will be more, which is the largest car wash service market, because the owners may not need to repair the car, but it is impossible not to wash the car. Investment car wash should join the attention of what? Today, the car wash is now a lot of investors concerned about the project, the project is a good business situation and considerable income, if there is no investment in the shop to pay special attention to the matter? Xiaobian today to introduce you. read more

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Ashamed to be able to make a million students in school

now college students are really getting worse, not out of the school gate can earn a lot of money, let us work hard every day, how to work. Today, I would like to say that a college student in their own business, such as this year’s income of up to one million inspirational stories.

sell proprietary website dig first bucket of gold

University by the entrepreneurial income to buy a car to buy a house

2010 years, Liu Xin in his hometown of Nantong when he began to read the Internet entrepreneurship. He was going to art at that time, but did not find a nice interface of art college entrance examination on the web site, so he decided to do their own. Completely rely on self-learning and creativity, the successful operation of Liu Xin’s website, and finally to 5000 yuan to sell, he also dug the first pot of gold. read more

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