Xinjin County CDPF to explore the order training to support entrepreneurship

compared with healthy people, the disabled entrepreneurs have to face more problems, they need to have a foothold in society, proficiency in a particular line on the market. To help people with disabilities entrepreneurship, Chengdu county to explore the order training model to help people with disabilities employment and entrepreneurship in Xinjin.

five Jin Zhen Zhang Wei deaf youth entrepreneurship "wide national chain stores in Xinjin Hui leather beauty" grand opening. Slightly shy Zhang Wei only 19 years old this year, is a serious deaf mute. Focus on training free of charge by participating in the county CDPF organization for a period of 3 months Zhang Wei leather beauty skills, to achieve their own businesses. Today, Zhang Wei leather beauty shop business is booming, in addition to the mother to help take care of the shop, but also invited a relative to help.

tailored policies to support entrepreneurship, will greatly promote the Xinjin county with the success rate of entrepreneurship. Practice has proved that this is very effective, can be appropriate in other areas of Chengdu to promote the need to help more people with disabilities.

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