Spiritual Rez Sing Of Love, Life & Marijuana On New Album “Setting In The West”

first_imgSpiritual Rez have released a new album called Setting In The West. The ten-song effort showcases the band’s musical diversity and relatable lyrics while maintaining the quintessential reggae vibes that they’ve come to be known for.Check out the full album stream here, and follow along with our recap of some of the album’s highlights.Setting In The West kicks off with “Sober”, a slow and plodding tune that showcases the mind of a drunk party-goer who meets the girl of his dreams. The lyrics openly wonder whether this love will last in the morning, once both parties have sobered up, showcasing a reflective attitude that permeates through the EP. “Red Room” is an uplifting tune that features typical, stress-free reggae vibes, advising the listener to “do it right you can’t rewind”. Life is short, and “Red Room” acts as the ultimate reminder to live life to the fullest and happiest. A guest verse by Duddy B of the Dirty Heads rounds things out with a spot-on guest appearance on the track.“Together Always” is a more personal love song, with vocalist Toft Willingham lamenting the stress of going on tour and leaving a jealous significant other at home. The song acts as a reassurance to the jealous lover, discussing the trials and tribulations of being in a relationship while on tour. The lyrics express the strong feelings that the protagonist has for his true love, the girl with a “golden heart” who is waiting for him at home. Vocalist HIRIE adds to the track by playing the role of the lonely girlfriend, providing harmonies and reciprocating the dedication that is on display in the song’s earlier verses.“Square Grouper” is a funky song about finding a large quantity of marijuana in the waters of Florida and profiting from this lucky discovery. For the uninitiated, a “Square Grouper” is a bale of Marijuana that has fallen overboard from a smuggling ship or thrown out of a smuggling plane (the term was coined by the US Coast Guard). In the end, the song tells a tale of wishful thinking, with Willingham singing about taking the risk to search for a “square grouper”, and the hope of becoming a rich man by selling the bounty. While the lyrics are playful, the song tells a vivid tale of desire and fantasy.In the end, this album accomplishes exactly what Spiritual Rez has set out to achieve. Setting In The West is a funky album that tells introspective tales about the search for love, peace, success, and tranquility, all while managing to make these topics fun, relatable, and danceable.last_img

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