What Korean clothing stores have money skills

garment industry has been very popular, different styles of clothing, but also to let the people have different choices can be selected to Korean clothing store business is hot, must be in the store management and operation efforts. So, how is the business Korean clothes, can harvest the full wealth? This paper made a detailed introduction, along with Xiaobian to understand it.

1, clothing store decoration: lighting and other hardware is also very important, if the shop is not bright enough to give people the feeling is like the collapse of the! Night head lamp must bright, suddenly can attract passing customers eye! Light warm and cool, air conditioning must be ready in the summer, or the store is difficult to retain customers patiently pick clothes! Estimated to cost 5000 yuan.

2, according to South Korean style: closely linked to the Korean style, in store decorating must work, giving a strong visual impact and appeal, have find everything fresh and new feeling. How to operate the Korean clothing store? Selection of goods and the purchase of channel 1, purchase channels: South Korea direct mail back to China, must talk about a good logistics company, establish a good relationship of cooperation, for the lowest cost.

3, do a good job in the selection of goods: first, and the South Korean brands to negotiate online agents related matters, for the minimum price, for more sources of supply. Followed by the wholesale market in Seoul, South Korea, select boutique. Again aimed at the Korean shopping network, directly linked to our online, buy low sell high.

4, do a good job of promotional activities: opening promotion when everything is ready, ready for the official opening. The opening day to do some promotional activities to attract customers, inevitable, promotional activities more discounts, gifts and other three types of lottery. At the same time in the surrounding area to distribute leaflets.

in fact, no matter what the industry, want to have very good sales, is the need to pay more attention to the management in time, Korean clothing sales in the market is very good, as long as you choose a good product, to master the correct method of operation, I believe you will be able to usher in the popular Korean clothing store consumption situation, let do you enjoy!

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