Golden broom Award for Yang Mi to win the title is helpless

There are many kinds of entertainment

annual awards ceremony, this is not the "Youth Film Handbook" "2015 annual Top Ten Chinese"   and the seventh golden broom award   awards ceremony began,   has attracted more and more attention; the golden broom award after Yang Mi.

"Youth Film Handbook" "2015 annual Top Ten Chinese"   and the seventh golden broom award ceremony was held in March 20th   Beijing Bona Star Theater, the ceremony by the "Youth Film Handbook" and poison APP jointly organized by star Yue Ning Yi culture media Co, Pan Jie, Li Xuegang, Yang Zhenglong hosted.

Wang Xiaoshuai, Liu Xiaoqing, Aaron Kwok

"intruder" for "blood" riding a big winner   Aaron Kwok, Liu Xiaoqing appeared to accept the 2015 movie unabated, good reputation, but also the domestic film making with the quantity and quality of recovery. "Youth Film Handbook" annual "top ten Chinese" by the Hongkong film critics, the Taiwan film critics column Fu Tu Xiang the nomination, "Youth Film Handbook" award winners from the editorial department.

won the "Youth Film Handbook" "2015 annual Top Ten Chinese mainland" five films, Taiwan films three, two film from Hongkong. "Intruder", "mountains and rivers", "riding old blood", for "the assassin," Nie concealed woman "drunk   dream die" hundred days "," farewell, "master", "I am a passer-by," "a spoon", "home in the lush green place". "The Youth Film Handbook" 2015 annual "top ten Chinese" award, the highest achievement of the film on behalf of the 2015 Chinese film.

"rookie of the year" by "and" blood for spring and summer on "I am" passerby Wan Guopeng; in addition to recommend

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