Businesses need to be careful to trap a lot of care

see when other entrepreneurs succeed in many people, there will be some psychological anxious, but also we need to be careful, only careful, to find the most suitable items in the market will not go astray.

1. core business outsourcing.

During the

2. equity structure idealization.

entrepreneurs in order to encourage entrepreneurial team’s dedication, strengthen their confidence to the team members share is too large. Zhao Xiang’s first venture failed because the ownership structure is too idealistic, to the entrepreneurial team including his own four backbone average equity, each accounted for 1/4, resulting in a pile of advice, do not very much.

comments: the start of the company, have the biggest effect and the key factor is the individual entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs is obviously a person plays a major supporting role, but only in order to strengthen the confidence of employees, the average equity, have income, will make entrepreneurs feel unfair, originally did not want to working for others just out of business, the results of your investment in the most difficult, but also take their own life and future happiness and health in exchange, with the results of income accounted for only 1/4, will allow entrepreneurs to. Therefore, must not in order to motivate employees, with the company’s equity and the ultimate power to inspire others.

3. big customer trap.

One of the most frequently encountered trap

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