How to open a Western Restaurant

a lot of people have the idea to open a shop to open a western restaurant, of course, for these start-up investors, the western restaurant is not just to shop in order to make money, more cases are for hobbies. Another point is that the atmosphere and the environment for the western restaurant is the general restaurant can not be compared, elegant, comfortable, quiet, so that people can completely relax, fully enjoy life. So, how to join the western restaurant?

1. brand, Western-style food franchise brand must be carefully chosen, we must first understand the regular brand, there are many companies are joining in the fish in troubled waters, there is no franchise qualifications at all. Followed by the investigation of its brand products, a strong brand should have a series of products with characteristics, so as to attract more customers.

2. franchisees before joining, be sure to confirm the headquarters does have this brand, in order to join.

After joining the

3. must keep in mind that they retain a copy in order to clearly understand the content of the contract to ensure their own interests.

4. franchisees will be required to join the franchisee must purchase, not private purchase. This is often the franchisee and franchise disputes most of a section. Of course, the franchisee delivery if quality problems is certainly not, so when signing with headquarters put forward delivery must put forward delivery conditions of freedom, or join the price higher than the market percentage is acceptable, so after the parties in order to bickering over the price.

5. franchisee to the headquarters of the best to accept the system of learning and training, learning not only includes the type of Western food, practices, taste, but also the concept of western restaurant management and management. Because the western restaurant consumer groups on the taste requirements are relatively high, so it is necessary to join the practice of Western food, such as an accurate grasp, in strict accordance with the headquarters of the production process, to ensure the unity of taste and authentic.

6.. Choice style, the decoration of the western restaurant is the embodiment of taste and grade, comfortable environment can let the customer to increase the appetite of the meal, it is an important factor to attract customer consumption. But remember, the style of the decoration must suit the need of consumer groups, the decoration is too simple to make people feel no taste, too high and will allow the customer to flinch, grasp the scale, reasonable decoration, not only to avoid the waste of resources and win the customer appreciation, is the best style.

7. select the store, to set up a larger cafe restaurant needs larger scale, in general, more appropriate than 300-500 flat. Location is also very important, the number of people around the store will directly affect the number of people to your business, choose the best location is a guarantee of success. In addition, there must be a certain number of parking spaces around the store, the customer stopped

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