The 13 year old bear child squandered 21 million parents pension money off

home to raise a bear child is really very helpless, bear children squandered 210 thousand, seeking parents’ psychological shadow area ah! Parents who have children at home may be careful not to appear again!

3 27 p.m. on the afternoon of the day, the old Wu took the son of Wu Di, aged 13 (a pseudonym) came to the Yubei District Public Security Bureau police station back to the police station for help, because his son secretly took home $210 thousand, squandered a space. Wu pleaded for the police, hoping to put the money back, "this is my mother and his pension money."

2008, Wu in Yubei rural land requisitioned by the government, to get compensation for 210 thousand. Subsequently, the family moved back from the countryside xing. In the new home, Wu carefully kept the money, the first paper wrapped with transparent plastic sealed up a bag at home, usually do not often pay attention to.



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