Mini pencil children’s clothing 2015CBME exhibition highlights


maternal market among the community has become a piece of meat and potatoes, but there are many investors now have some investment perspective to this one, in the next two days, the fifteenth CBME pregnant baby exhibition will be held in Shanghai.

brand, "China baby clothes expert

ten) China Mini pencil for children’s clothing brand "pencil club’s children’s clothing brand. Mini pencil with "Bei love de care" concept into the romantic atmosphere of France and the European culture, refined and elegant, performed by Italy, France and other international well-known clothing designer team, with a warm and comfortable environment of wind, healthy skin friendly fabrics, leading baby products design, health and comfortable, soft and natural the baby clothing, elegant and fashionable products for 0~5 years old children.

Mini pencil) in the summer of 2015 new

as "Chinese certification of environmental protection products" mini pencil (PencilMini) with innovative product design and strict quality control, continuously in the market up and maintained a rapid and stable development. 2014 year, mini pencil (PencilMini) won the title of "Guangdong famous brand".

Mini pencil (PencilMini) in fabric products strictly, give full consideration to the baby’s delicate skin, are in line with our infants (aged 24 months or less) safety clothing industry standards, almost harsh standards, only for the baby wearing a safer and more comfortable, by the majority of the family recognized.

in Mao industry, in the rainbow, in Bao Daxiang, in Paris, in the spring, in Haiya, Kinsey in brilliance, in Shanghai, in COCOPARK, in the Milky way, in the modern…… You can see PencilMini (Mini pencil) figure, Pencil  Mini (Mini pencil) strong settled in high-end department stores supermarkets, recommended

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