Shen Xiaofu rice vermicelli

now noodle snacks throughout the country, don’t look at the ordinary, but the development is carried out in silence, in the fierce market competition in the noodle snacks, has experienced continuous improvement upgrading of products, and finally in the snack sector foothold. The updated products are increasingly able to withstand the test of the market, including the shortage of Shen Xiaofu Sichuan nanowires.

Shen Xiaofu rice line for many years to spare no effort for people to create a rich nutrition of rice noodles, and loved by consumers around the world, not just limited to people who want to understand the food culture".

then, as Shen Xiaofu joined the rice noodle industry the bright younger generation, how long to keep in high popularity and status of the material? Thanks to Shen Xiaofu noodle intentions and exquisite craftsmanship, not only the Q elastic smooth line m delicacy for consumers, so that consumers enjoy more healthy atmosphere. Shen Xiaofu noodle "delicious" and "nutrition" service mode, in today’s food and beverage industry, it is very valuable for


In the production process of

nanowires, Shen Xiaofu adhere to the essence of the traditional production process, the pursuit of innovation in the tradition of the spirit of the brand, after years of meticulous research improvement, won the exclusive sauce system can not be copied. At the same time, in the selection of ingredients, Shen Xiaofu is uphold the principle of green health, so the production of raw materials are provided by the designated manufacturers of quality ingredients.

it is worth mentioning that the Shen Xiaofu line in the process of cooking noodle, using a unique method, the nutrient elements and the noodle soup is not easy to drain, edible people saved a nutrition. It has therefore become a rookie brand catering industry, is a popular choice for all types of people’s daily leisure dinner.

today, throughout the domestic food market, which rely on their brand to join were dotted, but Shen Xiaofu in the noodles be too numerous to enumerate, increasingly fierce competition in the catering market, by virtue of their excellent quality and delicacy unique cultural charm in the brand’s first line, has become a model for industry to study. Vermicelli joined Shen Xiaofu rice food quality representative

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