Jiaduobao and Wang Laoji’s red tank battle to bring entrepreneurs what enlightenment

summer, people have to drink herbal tea, and many herbal tea beverage brands, Wang Laoji’s most powerful brand influence. While jiaduobao and Wang Laoji’s PK race, up to the lawsuit situation, entrepreneurs from the brand battle to get what inspiration?

12 19, jiaduobao, Wang Laoji’s red cans packaging decoration right of litigation case in the Guangdong high court verdicts. Guangdong jiaduobao food limited company was sentenced to infringement, immediately stop production and sales of red tank Wong Lo Kat herbal tea packaging similar or identical packaging products; gphl compensation 150 million yuan and 26 yuan rights fee.

with the decision, people on the Internet have two very different responses, an attitude that gphl finally won already own victory, gratifying; another approach is that gphl in idleness, jiaduobao hard business trademark and interest is gphl away. But is this really the case?

1, trademark dispute

1995, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical "Wong Lo Kat" the right to use the leased to jiaduobao parent company road group, and the provisions of the production and operation of red cans and bottles of red Wong Lo Kat herbal tea. 1996 gphl Wang Laoji also established the trademark ownership in accordance with the relevant provisions allocated to the gphl.

2000 in May 3rd, as the gphl Wanglaoji trademark holders, and hung Road Group signed a formal contract agreement, Hongkong road group of Wong Lo Kat trademark lease period of May 2000 to May 2010, a total of 10 years.

is the supplementary agreement signed by gphl and hung Road Group Wang Laoji rental time to 2013 and 2020 occurred during the signing of bribery on the basis, then in May 9, 2012, China International Trade Arbitration Commission for arbitration, "" Wang Laoji "trademark license agreement" and "on the" Wang Laoji "trademark use the license contract supplementary agreement" shall be invalid, Ethernet jiaduobao parent company group to stop using the trademark "Wang Laoji".


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