The pot of spicy hot pot franchise fee how much

How about the world

pot spicy hot pot? In the catering market is very popular with consumers. Join the world pot spicy hot pot, is already a very hot project selection. The pot of spicy hot pot to join the project, so, what are you waiting for?

spicy hot pot items on the market today incense pot products taste of a single, complex operation, slow food catering, monotonous increasingly obvious shortcomings, the pot of spicy pot first launched pure Sichuan domain hot pot products, a variety of products will be the original traditional incense pot pot upgrades, and increased the fresh and old spicy seafood Xiang pan, cool drink dry frost 12 major product lines, both hot and cold seasons, hot; project investment is not high, very good, good profit in return.

world pot spicy hot pot spicy hot pot, to subvert the traditional image, according to the fast pace of modern life style and health concept, as a modern LOHAS life as the background, with the original ecological green food, the perfect combination of fashion and traditional folk, quickly occupy the market. Over Taiwan, is to determine how much profit the restaurant, a diner even moderate again, only a meal to eat a meal, not excessive consumption of food, the world pot spicy hot pot, spicy hot pot franchise fees 1-5 million in the traditional restaurant serving slow to urgent fire stir frying, 3 minutes fast food, greatly improve the rate of over taiwan. Spicy hot pot project to join what? The world pot spicy hot pot is good.

Join the project

is most suitable for business with a small capital entrepreneurs choose, to choose to join the world pot spicy hot pot? High quality food, it is worth choosing. If you are also very excited, then, hurry up!

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