Fujian this year to audit the site more than forty thousand close more than and 200 illegal websites

of Fujian Province in March this year launched the regulation of the Internet and mobile phone media dissemination of pornographic and vulgar information special action achieved remarkable results: the new examination site 45 thousand and 400, clean up the site did not record 3547, shut down illegal websites 251 in accordance with the law. The province’s Web site filing rate of 99.88%, ranked the country’s top sixth, the main site for the record information accuracy rate of up to 73.2%, ranked first in the province’s access to the top second places.

in Fujian province of the basic telecom operators in the communications administration supervision and guidance, set up specialized agencies responsible for the Internet and mobile phone media information security, clear the legal representative person of the first responsibility of information security; at the same time to develop and improve the internal system for enterprises, technical details of the connections and network establishment, implementation of business marketing channels the business partners content specification, cooperation problem discovery and supervision, business promotion mode put forward specific requirements.

Fujian Provincial Communications Authority website for the record review and record user support management and other infrastructure work, log off the site for the 8.27, accepts the password loss, the conflict between the 456, with 3686 users advisory. The completion of the 93 thousand and 800 shell site and shell to clean up the main work, in order to promote the site record information authenticity verification work.

in addition, the Fujian Provincial Communications Authority also issued a "basic telecommunications enterprise information security responsibility management measures", the organization of Internet access service enterprises to carry out self-examination and rectification work of enterprise system. On the basis of last year to carry out remediation mobile phone pornography special action work, re organization of basic telecom operators, Internet access units on the Internet access resources layers of sublease problems in the investigation to clean up; give full play to the black and white list website management system management system, improve the linkage blacklist of enterprises, the province included in the blacklist of illegal websites 151.