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know how to plan and operate in order to make the site invincible

I often A5

, read many articles about the construction site every day, found a problem, the site is in a state of isolation, not combined with the reality, that is to say no to combine online and offline. Web site to develop, must be combined with online and offline operations, of course, there should be more co-ordination in business planning, planning and management to understand how to make the site invincible.

site security is not just a personal thing

July 5th Microsoft broke a major security vulnerabilities, together for the Microsoft MPEG-2 video parsing module 0day vulnerability has been an outbreak of large-scale cyber attacks. Short time hackers already made 967 site 7740 site was linked to horse. The attack site includes Meikailong website, in the video, China Electronic Technology Group Corporation, China leather net, Chinese coal network and other famous sites. According to the 360 security center statistics, has intercepted more than 150663 high-risk access behavior, but this figure is still growing rapidly. It is reported that the Ministry of industry, Trojan and botnet monitoring and disposal mechanism after the introduction of the most significant network security threats.

a loyal: from pseudo original to original my soft writing road

contact SEO nearly a year’s time, from the beginning of the source code do not understand, to the site’s layout, code optimization, soft writing. I’ve been through it for almost a year. During this period, let me feel the most is the soft writing. At this point, I said in the soft text of the road through the


do you have a clear profit model

people often say that different sites have different business and profit model, in order to make money website profit model is very important. Because of the different website profit pattern so will lead to some owners own ten thousand IP not worth hundreds of others IP website to earn more money, do stand is very important a clear profit model, and then to discuss the heart related problems of website profit pattern.

webmaster want to do practical should go out from the search

search is the main source of the webmaster flow, especially the domestic search leader Baidu! Every day there are so many webmaster followed Baidu hi sad, will never be able to control your site’s fate! I believe to A5 webmaster friends there are too many stations on Baidu live, although put advertising is not Baidu, because Baidu does to flow, the day Baidu dumped you, I don’t know whether you will recognize the value of their own website, whether your site had a day to give you much to bring to the traffic, how much income, all with the Baidu and then abandoned but go to, so also makes Baidu became a daily attention as an essential step every day.

how to spend the least money ranked first in Baidu search results

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