Zhang Yiming not only do news client also do information distribution platform

T-shirt, sports shoes; light hair, no frame glasses. Zhang Yiming is still the usual IT male attire "standard".

he created a first-hand information reading application today’s headlines, the user data has recently been high: 240 million people have accumulated in the use of daily active users by about 20000000.

as many young people in the eyes of the entrepreneurial idol, 32 year old Zhang Yiming yesterday (April 23rd) in Chengdu, in the Chengdu Daily’s future Chinese young leaders of large public speech and keynote speech.

in more than one hour of lecture time, the topic of Zhang Yiming not only around the company management, science man born of him, the technology can also speak.

for the future development of today’s headlines, often said he was a heavy demand for information, Zhang Yiming also has a clear idea. I was thinking about how to get information more effectively, in addition to my own effective access to information, but also consider how to help users better access to information, how to help users better communication."

personalized information recommendation engine – the core positioning for today’s headlines, Zhang Yiming always stressed that this is not only a news client, or information distribution platform. The operation of the platform will focus on two aspects, one is the theme and the theme of a more complete information; the two is to let the chain cycle faster".

for today’s headlines and how to develop the future, yesterday, Zhang Yiming accepted the daily economic news (hereinafter referred to as NBD) interview with reporters.

look back will affect their progress

NBD: now the mobile Internet is developing very fast, how do you see the future development of the Internet industry?

Zhang Yiming: This is a time of great change. Today, PC Internet traffic is no longer rising, while the mobile Internet traffic is rising rapidly.

users will be more mobile phones and other mobile terminal. The next 5 years, the use of mobile Internet users long, user usage, user size, revenue is expected to be several times over the PC side of the internet.

at present, the mobile Internet users use the length and frequency of more than PC, but revenue is still lagging behind. In general, the user is the first transfer, and then transfer revenue. Now the mobile Internet revenue is not small, but the proportion of the Internet is not high PC.

NBD: now there are a lot of news clients, such as Tencent have launched similar headlines today, you are worried about the client will be copied?

Zhang Yiming: a lot of companies are in imitation of today’s headlines, but we have to look forward, can not look back, look back will affect their progress.

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