Groupon into China blocked a number of sites refused to buy

news November 30th, group purchase site CEO Wu Bo, 30 noon, has refused to Groupon on its proposed acquisition requirements, while the other two declined to disclose the identity of the group purchase website CEO said, or will refuse to offer.

Wu Bo said, Groupon handle net valuation of $500 million, and want to invest in the acquisition of 49% stake in the site. But the company’s management team is difficult to accept such a high proportion of holding.

"We have started to accept their

shares accounted for 39% of the digital reference Alibaba and YAHOO cooperation," Wu Bo said, "but in fact no management team, investors and other shares accounted for 39%, is the largest shareholder". The company in the study of the reference to the internal Alibaba, the media industry, industry experts opinion, that in the long run, do not want to be controlled".

Wu Bo said, lashou has proposed the Groupon proportion of shares is reduced to 5%, but the request did not get their response, "we have no way in holding proportion agreement", so the handle network officially announced the acquisition of refuse.

According to the two

group purchase website CEO revealed that their companies have internal Groupon decided to reject the proposal, but because no clear issued official reply to each other, thus temporarily disclose the identity.

one CEO said that their key differences between the company and the Groupon also focused on the stake, he believes that many domestic group purchase website is still in the early stage, "now give control too early"; in addition, the price and the management is more or less impact on the company’s management the decision. (end)

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