Peng Hongwei analysis of the promotion of the main points

two days ago, a friend of Mou Changqing wrote an article on the promotion of the shop to introduce some of the main points and methods of online promotion. In fact, these days I also want to write a blog about the promotion of the shop, he wrote this article I have read carefully, and write very well. I am contradictory, I do not know should not write an article on the promotion of the article online, and ultimately feel like writing, even if he is a supplement to this article!

before I enter the network to promote this line, he also has a Baidu and Taobao opened a shop, mainly to sell food Chongqing food series. Because of the working relationship, Taobao store already closed, then do two months time, because it is in the spare time management and promotion, the volume compared with professional sellers, far, but compared to many novice sellers, is still very good. Ah is the first shop, a little dismay, a simple display of a few goods in the shop. But not how to manage.

recently this time, I met several online sellers asked me about the promotion of the shop, in fact, there is no big difference between online promotion and website methods. The website is in need of flow shop need to turnover, but no traffic, no good volume! Users targeted to the high point, there is the potential customers, how can they make shopping guide. Here to talk about their own point of understanding.

one, C2C platform options:

this article in Mou Changqing also has a detailed description I do not do too much evaluation, just to say that, as long as there is energy, you can open the store in a few big C2C platform. A blossom everywhere. If you want to use search engines to get the user, it is recommended to have a shop in Baidu ah must open. The reason is very simple, ah, the above products, the search engine optimization is relatively easy to do. Plus there is a new platform, we are on the same line, it will not be like Taobao, buyers too much attention to the seller’s reputation. On the other hand, Taobao screened the Baidu spider, Baidu spiders can not grab Taobao shop goods information, directly from Baidu can not get the user, which is on the seller of Taobao, a bit unfair.

two, shop promotion method choice:

1, soft Wen promotion, this method is also used by many sellers, soft Wen can be divided into blog, BBS promotion and information press releases. When I was doing the delicacy in several forums, published an article about Chongqing delicacy introduction post, is a serial type, will go to update every day. This effect is very good, then there is a special shop to buy local products, and then sold to foreign owners, want to cooperate with me, let me help him to collect the specialty here in Chongqing, through the online trading. Because I do not want to do online shop for a long time, and finally I chose to give up, recommended to do another shop in Chongqing specialty. Pull away. Now there are more than the professional life of the forum and shopping forum shopping, in fact, are able to send product information. < < > >

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