Ali mother want the upcoming trial version first look map

version of the Ali Mama want immediately to launch, I went to the Ali Mama beta version to first test today, following a few photos out for everyone to see, very good oh. See now this beta version of Ali Wangwang 2008 or Beta2, may have not named name. I thought it wasn’t supposed to be called.

1 first look at several installation interface






2 landing screen, you can choose to log in which way to log in, the following image I am landing in the form of Ali mother demo.



here is the choice of landing account in a total of 5 ways, I do not know if you have not found a call number of the landing.

what is Wang Hao?

Ali Wangwang launched a new digital account: "Wang". Wang number can bind your Alibaba account. The use of "popular" login Ali Wangwang, you will have the opportunity to enjoy more services, Wang immediately registered.


: to


login successful


finally see the true face, and continue to see the point. Look at this system news oh oh.


function menu


group menu, and now it seems that the group can not be used to invite the group can not directly add into the number.


look at friends menu


Ali mother’s advertising menu, it is easy to manage Oh, at a glance.


webmaster tools, which gave us thought of, do not have to go to the site, and to what the direct point of the above can be. Unusual cycle.


this is add >

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