Public website for food and medicine to sell fake strings renamed after the re sale

"brainstorming" no Zhunzi, only food; once on the false advertisement "black list", and then make only superficial changes in sales of

According to Xinhua news agency,

days ago, some consumer reports, a company called "Yi Bao Kekang brain health management center" the agency will sell food as medicine, which can treat cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease and other ills, but consumers use no effect.


public website as fake strings

Hunan Changsha Uncle Zhang bought 2012 "easy Kekang Bao brain health management center" product "brain storm", after spending more than ten thousand yuan. Sales staff said that as long as 3 months to be able to effectively treat Parkinson’s disease, Zhang uncle did not see the effect of eating a year.

similar situation also occurred in mr.. In January this year, Mr. Chen Changsha heard a brain hall store sales a "brainstorming", says that eating 3 months can treat cerebral palsy, Mr. Chen’s child after taking 3 months but no any effect.

however, in the "Yi Bao Kekang brain health management center" website Links "China brain health assistance network", is from Liaoning, Hunan and other places of the rehabilitation case, without exception, said thanks to the "easy Kekang Bao brain health management center, and the center strongly recommend. What is the relationship between the two? Site staff said, "Yi Bao Kekang brain health management center" is the "sponsor health assistance network" China brain, which is a "public website".

was renamed after the sale of

Son Zhang said

Zhang, he found that "brainstorming" not Zhunzi only "food, health care products are not even". In this regard, Changsha easy Kangbao brain health management center, sales staff said that the product is "Su Wei fresh word" approval, the State Food and drug administration did not find, but "doing a phase three clinical trial", and stressed that the product has sold more than ten years ".

according to the identification of Xinqiao Hospital of Third Military Medical University, "the main component of brainstorming", in addition to part with certain health effects, in no clinical Parkinson disease or cerebral palsy treatment clear effect.

In fact,

, 2007, Suzhou City Department of industry and Commerce in Chinese quality news network open a number of false and illegal advertising list, "brainstorming" impressively, the illegal facts as "confused health food and drug advertising language". At the same time, "brainstorming" and "brain stores hall" in a few years before had been punished and ordered to stop selling. However, these stores can make only superficial changes again. Southwest University of Political Science and Law professor Wang Anbai and others suggested that the supervision departments must strengthen law enforcement, increase the cost of illegal criminals.

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