The Filesoup will shut down the BT download site founded nearly 10 years

The oldest

BT download site Filesoup (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent science and technology news (Chao Hui) Beijing time on June 6th news, according to foreign media reports, the oldest existing BT download site Filesoup announced that it will be permanently closed. Filesoup received widespread attention in 2009, when the British police raided the home of two system administrators, and arrested the two system administrators. Two administrators were acquitted last year, but the user churn caused by the event has led to the current site is closed.

was founded in 2003, FileSoup is one of the earliest BT download site. When FileSoup came out, the Pirate Bay (Pirate Bay), Torrentz has not yet come out, isoHunt has not been searching for the seed file. FileSoup operates more than similar sites over the same period, with an active user community.

in the summer of 2009, the British police and anti piracy Alliance (Federation Against Copyright Theft) on the FileSoup boss, as well as another administrator’s home was searched, two people were arrested by the police.

after a lengthy legal procedures after the police finally last withdrawal. The court held that the evidence is only provided by the anti piracy alliance, the credibility is not high. Although this is a great victory for FileSoup, the judicial process has killed the once vibrant FileSoup community.

in the FileSoup’s 1043311 registered users, FileSoup users visit every day, only a small part, far less than a few years ago, tens of thousands of people. Due to the significant reduction in the number of users to visit, FileSoup system administrator TheGeeker interest has been greatly reduced.

"TheGeeker" explained, "it is a pity that our glory has become yesterday’s yellow. After I was arrested 3 years ago, FileSoup lost a large number of users, the user’s interest in Filesoup is greatly reduced. For me, this is an unpleasant experience."

Filesoup will permanently shut down. "TheGeeker" says, "Filesoup was popular. Created in 2003, Filesoup is one of the earliest BT download sites. Driven by the vibrant community of users, we have developed very quickly, has become one of the most visited sites on the internet. Many people and websites have learned to copy and imitate our technology."

"TheGeeker" informs Filesoup users that he will not sell the database, but will auction the FileSoup domain name.

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