Micro business cheated 170 thousand buyers online banking remittance screenshot was false


receives an email from the buyers online banking remittance screenshots, but to the financial account of nuclear, but found not received the remittance, how is this going? Recently, Nanjing engaged in overseas purchasing micro business suffered such a mystery. Xuanwu police investigation found that the buyers drilling time difference of the financial payment loopholes, the use of "PS" false online banking remittance cheated screenshots, value of 17 yuan luxury. At present, the two suspects have been arrested and detained according to law.

sold more than 17 yuan luxury did not receive the money

in May 28th this year, Nanjing Xinjiekou police station received a warning from the jurisdiction of the company, said a friend cheated more than 17 yuan of luxury. This is a special overseas purchasing agents, they have two staff in Europe, Hui Ping and Zhang, specifically responsible for receiving orders on WeChat, shipping. In late March of this year, a man named excellent users pay attention to the purchase of WeChat, and Hui Ping, Zhang chat fiery. At the beginning of April, "excellent" WeChat purchasing a 2000 yuan of goods. In accordance with the rules of the transaction, the buyer through the online banking remittance, Hui Ping and Zhang arrange shipment. We do is the credibility of the general user will be sent to us after the screenshot of online banking remittance, will be shipped." The company official said.

and "excellent" the first transaction, very smooth. "Excellent" sent to the screenshot, Zhang will arrange delivery, after verification, the other side of the money is indeed credited. In late April of this year, "excellent" for several list, including LV GUCCI, Armani handbags bags, underwear and other more than and 10 luxury items, the total value of 17 yuan.

and the same as before, Zhang saw the other side sent a screenshot of the remittance, they arrange delivery. However, in May 22nd the company conducted a nuclear account, but found that the outstanding money are not credited. After careful comparison, they found a small piece of money received by the screenshot is through PS forged. Zhang then contact excellent, but the other party does not return to WeChat, the phone is not connected, disappeared trail. Aware of the possibility of a fraud, the company called the police.

in addition to cheat goods money

Xuanwu police found in the case carefully check the sequence of events, "excellent" not only cheated goods, cheat money.

Zhang has been and excellent contact customer service. She told the police, and in "excellent" transactions, "excellent" also recommended a customer to her name is "yesterday", "yesterday" was on her side to buy a goods. On one occasion, excellent to buy a batch of 35000 yuan of goods, but then excellent sent to the screenshot of $40000, more than $5000. Zhang feel very strange, hastened to ask "excellent". "Excellent" said she accidentally wrong exchange, but don’t let Zhang to give her money back, but directly to 5000 yuan back to yesterday".

"she said she owed ‘yesterday’ a sum of money." Zhang said, when she felt that two people are their own customers, but also

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