nterview Comsenz sites are pushing new products along with the trend of community

community platform and service provider community platform Discuz – Discuz! X is measured, Comsenz vice president Li Mingshun said in an interview with TechWeb, Discuz! X is a response to the new needs of the community, represents the trend of the future development of the website.


all sites are community site Discuz! X conform to the trend of

it is understood, Discuz! X is a collection of portals, forums, group SNS, personal space, open platform and other Internet application products, cross-border integration platform, worthy of the name at present, Discuz! X beta process, only open part of the functions of the forum and the group. When talking about the original intention of the development of this product Kang Sheng, Li Mingshun said that at present, all of the sites are actually community sites, are diversified sites. Now, whether it is a portal or community SNS site, there are Internet users in different applications, cross platform access difficult to solve the problem, which will greatly affect the user experience. For example, he said, "the netizen to a website portal page, and then go to the community, or visit a SNS, switching back and forth, originally is a website of Internet service, but in fact, there is access to the user experience is not unified in the. We hope to make a product to solve such a problem."

has similarities with watercress but watercress and different

Discuz! X beta page upon exposure, the industry with a view of Discuz X and the bean like. Li Mingshun responded to this, he said, watercress is one of the country’s user experience to do a good community site. Discuz! X system in some places and watercress is somewhat similar, which we pay attention to the user experience, are consistent with the principles of user. But watercress is an interactive community, Discuz! X is an integrated platform, is to give people the feeling of integration, to achieve the Internet as an individual center. We think that all of the sites are community sites, and Discuz! X is the trend. In the future, we will open the platform to gather more Internet applications."

profit model free and charge parallel

for the upcoming new products how to make money, Li Mingshun said, will continue before the business model of Kang Sheng, free of charge for individual users, charging for commercial sites. "We are still in accordance with the previous business model, for personal webmaster, we will provide free Discuz! X. However, for the commercial website, we will charge a license fee, as well as other technical support services, etc.."

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