Analysis of several business models of network marketing

now many business owners want to do e-commerce, but the effect is not very ideal, not a bad product, not the price is not good, not bad, not the site traffic is not good, but the business model is not very good. In fact, whether large companies or small companies are inseparable from the following 3 models, in fact, network marketing can be divided into three stages:

the first phase of the customer model


client mode belongs to the network marketing mode is the most basic, all around the development of customers, is the fishing pond model; client mode around customer data to establish their own marketing system; 99% enterprises are client mode. Disadvantages: long, hard climb.

How does the

client model do your three elements around the database?.

1 (marketing method, bait used to develop new customers into prospective customers)

2 wire marketing (used to develop prospective customer approach into a precise customer)

3 handcuffs marketing (used to do repeat consumption methods, retain old customers, repeat consumption)

The 1.1 elements: a

bait marketing

to develop new customers the bait marketing mode, belonging to the first marketing! How to find the target with the bait quickly, and transferred to the user;

1.1.1 design


has a simple design procedure of the bait? Don’t look down easy 3 steps to complete:

first step: what customers want most!

second step: to be in an irresistible manner to the customer, is free or charge or how the customer depends on!

third step: be sure to trigger subsequent consumption, we must lock the subsequent consumption!

1.1.2 case


case 1: before there is a sale of infant swimming equipment, the general price of 5-10 million, often difficult to spread online transactions; in general these high prices customers can not finish the site transactions, we need to do is to leave the phone this time, long-term marketing. How to set the bait? In fact, there is a very simple way, giving the "free swimming pool" in the e-book website profit doubled cheats, actually this is the marketing customer service manual, simple modification. How to get it? As long as the company can get QQ. A bait so simple is to make enquiry marketing rate rose 3 times;

case 2: a direct swimming pool "he travels" this name is very successful, the general store coupons to like, actually this kind has not much use. "He travels" design a membership card for swimming, a face value of 300 yuan, and then find the entire building salesman, let them sell 30 dollars, you can get 300 bucks swimming card, hold a 60, free swimming 5 times, the temptation is too great for many parents.

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