Venture 48 companies do not fly the characteristics of your gun


CEO has its own problems, pass the buck to the team and the external environment, home products, they won’t be open every day with the family on their own are not good boss, no matter now is good for you,

away from him!

CEO body problems

1 CEO awareness and understanding of the industry, not much higher than the industry’s general practitioners

2 CEO own problems, but shirk responsibility to the team and external environment

3 CEO is not involved in the product review meeting

4 in the case of a product is not done, while doing a variety of products in different fields

5 their own products, they will not open every day with

6 early start running every day to participate in a variety of entrepreneurship conference

7 is busy with details, lack of strategic thinking

8 also tend to be opportunistic, rather than trying to meet the needs of

9 requires deep plowing fields but lack of patience, such as education industry

10 learning consciousness is weak, poor learning ability

11 do not know how to motivate the team

12 weak will easily give up


13 think that there are government resources, you can get the user

14 business has not proven successful, the team has expanded a lot of

15 the heart is too soft, not to recruit the right people can’t bear to leave

16 only pay attention to overtime, but do not pay attention to the results of output

17 did not strive to create cash flow and user base, the loss of financing opportunities

18 anything is pro, too little authorization

19 no principles, afraid of offending the old man

20 money is spent, just began to prepare financing

21 constantly allows employees to work overtime, but never to employees in the spirit, options, wages at any point to stimulate

22 products have problems, the data is not good, but want to take advantage of the financing to improve the

23 engage in 90 employees

24 makes false data

25 has sexual harassment against employees

26 former colleagues of their evaluation is generally not good


product & operational issues

27 does not burnish core functionality and services, but want to do a burst point


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