Comments on the official announcement of the insurance network research forum management

was invited to comment on the insurance network, the author is an insurance layman, on the other shortcut to comment on the insurance network through the official announcement of the insurance network.

work plan:

[announcement] insurance network 2008 4, summary of the work and objectives and plans for the year June 2008

[announcement] insurance network June 2008 summary of work and objectives and plans for July

comments: performance management sections, planning, execution, evaluation and feedback _, a team of 3 people so norms.

profit model:

[announcement] to support the construction of the insurance network, the insurance network subscription money

comments: the three principles of the insurance network station does not do any advertising charges, regardless of the insurance company staff, do not develop the customer has not changed, how to change their ability to enhance their own blood.

event planning:

[announcement] ask you to pick, report bad posts, each successful report a reward of 5 yuan


comments: members spend their money to help the forum to find duplicate posts, insurance forum cohesion really cattle.

[announcement] did you score today?

comment: the insurance network make become insurance people network paradise of merit.

[announcement] insurance network hand in hand by the official launch of


comment: insurance network members had reached more than one, the content of the website is blank, because the server causes loss of membership, but the insurance network, Our wills unite like a fortress. stubborn hand in hand to stand up.

forum management:

[announcement] using insurance network ( read before

comments: insurance network name and domain name description, I see the most solemn statement on copyright and privacy.

[announcement] to apply for verification of membership, with the download rights, verify QQ group: 38048762

comments: nine steps to fine flow of the process, the application of the conditions to create a unique tutor certification team 6.

[announcement] insurance network forum list (updated recently: 2008-7-1)

comment: FAQ membership structure, Download permissions, content, permissions, score points earn points, ways of questioning skills, forum 27 insurance network, these together out of the forum management of the book is enough.

moderator management

[announcement] good governance, the pursuit of excellence – Insurance Network invites moderators to join

comment: recruitment six moderators of the standard, four required questions, 5% of the membership application, an organized type moderator team.


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