Decrypt nternet traffic business essence

for a long time did not write to write, for their various excuses, in fact, is inert nurturance, found older, execution is getting worse and worse, consider doing the management operating on the tall, not to ignore the implementation level of things, as long as the nuclear test to evaluate subordinates’ work outcomes can be however, sometimes backfire, details of negligence of the whole product, the project seriously discounted, harking back to a midnight idea to write a document, draw the prototype, the execution of the bursting, to knock the alarm, change.

a bit off topic, make me upstairs renovation thinking a little confusion, which wrote which thought, organization of the text if there is any problem, don’t attack me.

well, today just laugh at the next Internet traffic. In my opinion, the Internet is essentially a traffic business. The big fight at Xueben entrance, from the PC to the mobile terminal end up, is nothing more than to get more traffic, who holds the monopoly of the Internet business who entrance. As for the Internet Co, who controls the flow of resources, break the flow, who is the final winner.

What are the characteristics of



1 flow precision

future traffic will be vertical, precise direction to go, which channels in the customer focus, where your advertising to vote. Internet advertising has been the era of silly money,

traditional industries continue to pour into the Internet, each enterprise is studying how accurate marketing, how to maximize the interests of the channel. How to use a variety of channels to promote the product, the topic in the back of the detailed.

2 traffic monopoly

The history of the development of

Chinese Internet is actually a traffic and the entrance to the interpretation of history, from the early hao123 site navigation, search to Baidu, Ali e-commerce entrance, now mobile application distribution market, Tencent such as WeChat super App entrance, each flow entrance giants are grappling, Baidu’s acquisition of hao123,91 Mobile phone assistant, Ali wholly acquisition of high moral map, Tencent strategic investment Jingdong and public comment, the final result is: the flow entrance was brought together in the hands of the BAT, BAT basic monopoly Chinese Internet traffic. Once there was a man asked me, where the Internet is now advertising effect is good, in fact, the answer is very simple, in the BAT to find the entrance can be put.

3 flow channel

basically every company has a marketing department, in the framework of Internet Co, the network marketing department is the core of business operations. How to achieve maximum input-output ratio is an important indicator of the network marketing department. Network promotion personnel every day to deal with the different channels, the electricity supplier to the face of Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong and other distribution channels, mobile app will face different application market, social media specialist making content in micro-blog, WeChat interactive media. Who will be able to better control the flow of channel resources to become a key factor in the success of Internet Co operations, >

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