Pay new scam 40 thousand received the transfer of the hands of the 70 thousand was cheated light

be careful, do not easily move



recently, Guangzhou public Zhang Ying (a pseudonym) transfer a fitness card in the monopoly of second-hand goods "idle fish" software, the price of 5000 yuan, but the "buyers" actually raise the price, this let Miss Zhang shaleyan.

see "Alipay" sent "to" mail, Miss Zhang recognized in accordance with the "buyers" requirements of the operation step by step, eventually cheated 7 yuan. Currently, the police have been on the case investigation.

reimbursement price Alipay mail to defraud the trust

recently, the people of Guangzhou Zhang Ying (a pseudonym) through the second-hand goods trading software idle fish to 5000 yuan price to sell their own fitness card. November 13th morning, a user through the platform to buy fitness cards to Zhang Ying, and asked her to change the price to 19600 yuan, the reason is the need for a higher amount of reimbursement to the company".

The netizen

explained, he will first by Alipay Zhang Ying to transfer 19600 yuan, deduct 20 yuan fee, Zhang Ying will be 14580 yuan price he can recharge. Zhang Ying accepted the request.

ten minutes later, she received a letter from the "Alipay" mail, mail display Alipay prompts buyers have to confirm receipt, because you do not open the payment transaction, you have 19600 yuan in November 13, 2016 will be 20 pm to your Alipay account."

Zhang Ying

for gospel truth at the urging of the other side in ten minutes after the difference will hit the other side of the bank card account.

after ten minutes, the friends told Zhang Ying by WeChat, "to open large payment vouchers need 26000 yuan, but the first few can turn a little, to see whether the opening", which once again asked Zhang Ying to transfer. This time, she turned 18300 yuan.

but the transaction did not stop, followed by the number of users to open a large amount of money required to pay a certain amount of transfer documents on the grounds that Zhang Ying transfer. In order to get Zhang Ying trust, the user has to transfer 46459 yuan to Zhang Ying. Eventually, Zhang Ying transferred to the other 10 times, after deducting the other side of the transfer of more than 4 yuan, she transferred out of a total of 74451 yuan.

this is not an accident, many users reported receiving similar Alipay credited mail". This is often the case:

1 buyers a variety of reasons to ask the price change, usually a huge amount of



2 the seller received by the "Alipay" messages, because not open "payment" not immediately credited into



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