Groupon hidden behind the crisis to buy the industry suffered growing pains

The fame of the group purchase website founder

Groupon hidden worries. News from the U.S. securities dealer Webbush Securities revealed that the valuation of Groupon has dropped 20%, currently about $16 billion. Analysts said that the deterioration of Groupon’s recent operating conditions is likely to lead to a decline in valuation reasons. At the same time, the whole industry decline significantly buy. U.S. Internet traffic statistics company Hitwise statistics show that Groupon’s recent visit than in June fell by half, the United States to buy the site’s overall visit fell 1/4. There are indications that the global storm brought by the group is in the past, the whole industry has come winter.

Groupon into the

group purchase winter besieged on all sides.

America’s largest buy site Groupon in June this year submitted a IPO application, so many in the loss of struggling to buy site hope. But recently, a variety of tests Groupon encounter to buy a pot of cold water industry.

in a money losing industry, Groupon is still a continuation of huge losses. The latest data show that although the second quarter this year to cut marketing costs, but because the new company more than 1000 employees, resulting in a net loss of $102 million 700 thousand, the figure is nearly 3 times over the same period in 2010, unchanged from the first quarter. At the same time, Groupon’s revenue growth in the second quarter of this year, the chain, Groupon, revenue rose 36%, lower than the first quarter of 63%. This led to a decline in investor sentiment in the Groupon market.

in the expansion of the Chinese market, the company was born with a golden spoon was not as good as imagined. Recently, in the China joint venture more traced by facing a cash crisis, massive layoffs in the city.

on the other hand, because of the negative news constantly, and provides the group purchase quality is relatively poor, can not give users enough attraction in the United States, Groupon also faces the challenges of competition in the traffic. The latest data from the U.S. Internet traffic monitoring agency Hiwise shows that the peak of unique visitors in the United States market in June compared with second weeks of Groupon last week fell by almost 50%, while rival LivingSocial grew 27%.

buy the whole industry situation is not optimistic. The report shows that the United States to buy the site’s total number of independent users fell by 25%. According to the survey, about 52% of U.S. consumers are fed up with a large number of e-mail received every day.

had high hopes of group purchase Internet giant also can’t achieve platform B. After 4 months of trial operation, the U.S. social networking site Facebook recently announced that it will close its buy service DailyDeals". The United States.

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