Unfamiliar Street listing pocket shopping huge financing China Science and technology company 1 bi

in English, Billion (1 billion) is the largest number of people familiar with. This figure is often referred to in a variety of occasions to describe the amount of high, and sometimes virtual refers to sometimes refers to the real. Therefore, the valuation of $1 billion, for many technology companies is also a symbolic amount.

recently, mobile social applications unfamiliar street in the United States submitted a prospectus, plans to raise $300 million, the valuation has reached $3 billion; pocket shopping raised $350 million, valued at $1 billion 350 million; there are also rumors of millet company $1 billion 500 million financing, valuation reached $40 billion, these companies have entered the China technology company’s $1 billion club.

Baidu, the three Tencent, Alibaba was established in the last century, the giant is still strong dominance of Chinese Internet technology industry, but the 2010 after the company has begun to emerge. We might as well be limited to 10 years, to see what the past 10 years, China’s birth of $1 billion Internet Co, what are the characteristics of these companies.


1, according to publicly available data and media reports roughly sort, from 2004 to 2014, China has a total of more than $1 billion valuation of Internet startups. Now one of them has not existed, that is, the video site Tudou, Youku was acquired in 2012. In addition, although micro-blog’s market capitalization of nearly $4 billion, but it does not belong to start-up companies. Also, Jingdong was founded as early as 2004, but the Jingdong was founded in 2004, so it is also included in statistics.

2, the total valuation of these companies reached $130 billion 800 million. As a contrast, Baidu’s market capitalization of $85 billion, $198 billion Tencent, Alibaba $283 billion. From the valuation, the sum of these companies have more than Baidu, but still less than Tencent and Alibaba. Tencent and Alibaba market capitalization is so high, and they create a great relationship between the ecosystem, and these new $1 billion in the ecosystem construction is still to be strengthened.

3, the 17 companies were founded in 2005, the company was founded in 2004, the 3 was founded in 2010, the 3 was founded in the year of 4 in 2011, the company was founded in. After 2011, the company may not have fully developed, but a 2006-2009 in three years to set up a $1 billion company only Youku and vip.com. The possible reason is that the Internet business opportunities are decreasing, while the mobile Internet has not yet developed.

4, the founder of the company’s average age is 32 years old, there are more than the founders of the age of more than 40 years old, the age of under the age of 30, and the rest in the age of 30, founded the company now in the age of 6. And most of the founders have had entrepreneurial experience, more and more companies are also starting to have 2-3 joint venture

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