Has the record site or need to take pictures for the record at the end of September

May 14th morning news, the ministry yesterday convened more than 200 IDC held training at Grand Plaza Hotel in Beijing, on the IDC website for the execution scene photographed the details of the policy to explain, the meeting revealed: webmaster can be in the local IDC branch for taking pictures, to avoid a part of the record of different travel site if the registration information is filed wrong or need to change, and the new record are required to photograph the scene, IDC was asked to complete the verification information website has been filed at the end of September.

owners can apply for photos in the local branch of IDC

participated in the above training will be the head of the IDC company yesterday revealed to the NetEase science and technology conference to convey some of the information, the most important thing is that the local branch of the IDC can be photographed for the record.

"website for the record to photograph in the access service providers located on-site policy this year at the end of 2 to the public, causing personal webmaster webmaster hot, mostly to record the new policy support, but that some details of the provisions for the record is too cumbersome, the cost is too high, such as access to a service provider the location for the record.

due to the existence of China’s broadband access and poor North and south of the small and medium cities IDC cheap (room rent). Cheap broadband and low tax), resulting in many sites in more than one city remote access, if the implementation of the new policy, means that they want to go to different places taking pictures for the record, this may cause the network business cost increases greatly, the record cost more than the operating costs, a website business a year minimum only hundreds of yuan, if different for the record, travel expenses may be more than a few hundred dollars.

yesterday, the Ministry of education will convey the message is that the site can go to the local branch of the IDC camera for the record. For example, one in Beijing webmaster, his web server in the Tianjin, Hangzhou, Guangzhou three city access, the IDC is a national company or office in Beijing, so he will not need to go to the field, the completion of the three record in Beijing will be able to.

this policy information can avoid a part of the record of different travel, but many personal websites in the small and medium-sized city, there is no local IDC company or IDC company did not find him in the local branch, this kind of situation he needed to go to the field for the record, unless for a local branch of the IDC company. Therefore, the site to record the new deal for the IDC industry is also a reshuffle, the competitive advantage of some small IDC manufacturers will be reduced, or even eliminated.

in addition to the Ministry of training organizations outside the NetEase, science and technology knowledge, the provincial communications administration organization of local management training will also be carried out, such as Chongqing’s planned new record photography policy in May 15th will explain, but for some reason today temporary notice cancel.

has filed a website may also need to re photographed for

for the new website for the record, it is necessary to take pictures of the record, but the site has been prepared for the case >

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