The unicorn walked past Chen Yizhou’s door if start again won’t be a community

Abstract: a few days ago, in the earnings conference call on the company for the year 2014, he was a foreign individual investors questioned, his request.

"on this China as if fierce tigers environment, Beijing this haze days, we work here is actually a kind of dedication, they do not understand." Chen Yizhou smiled a sentence. In the end of March, Beijing headquarters, he accepted the "Nandu weekly" interview, in response to questions, recalling the past, look forward to the spring breeze blowing him again.

a few days ago, in the earnings conference call on the company for the year 2014, he was a foreign individual investors questioned, his request.

over the past year, everyone is still making money, but operating income, gross profit and other indicators have declined by more than 40%, the sale of 56 nets, glutinous rice and other non core business, contributing a lot to the final bill.

Chen Yizhou in 2011 will to the Nasdaq, catch up with the social networking site SNS wave peak, market capitalization after Baidu, Tencent, known as China Facebook, video website group purchase rice network, social network, Jingwei occupation’s 56 Network, all of the game layout, shape looks quite empire.


soon, micro-blog, WeChat, the mobile Internet and rain hit, his team shake, the user heat drop, more investment with vision and selling timing, until now.

"if I start again, I won’t be a community"

do you know why people come out of your newspaper in the field of Internet to do a better job? After a business card, Chen Yizhou first to throw a problem. The reporter also did not give the market earlier, the text has a comparative advantage that contemporary journalism history like the answer, Chen Yizhou was interrupted.

in September last year, Chen Yizhou led snowball finance $40 million C round of financing, snowball is focus on investment information networking site, by the NetEase former deputy editor Fang Sanwen founded and served in the south side of salmon press.

"the other media have not been large-scale pull to the Internet media to go inside, exercise, early established Internet sensation, and then catch a good time, so, this is similar to the" point of time "and" power "and" air express "repeatedly appeared in the interview.

The Standford day old

graduates did not wear the iconic hole slippers, because the next to see the foreign guests, shirts and suits, it is more formal. "What do you think is the most important and essential part of Renren?" Chen Yizhou asked the reporter.

"interpersonal and circle needs?"


" is not, the main use of the Internet is a new product DNA:Feed, new things. Circle is so formed, once there is something new, adhere to the real name system, then it will naturally form a circle, we do not need to operate. We are all doing, Qzone also do, micro-blog also do, happy net also do, each site

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