Chinese Academy of Sciences the real name exposure more than a dozen yellow net owners do not denou

Chinese Academy of Sciences exposure more than ten color station owners

send mobile phone anti monitoring report continues to accuse infrastructure operators as

newspaper news (reporter Yu Jie) yesterday, the Scientific Research Institute of science and technology policy and management network information security research group (hereinafter referred to as the Chinese Academy of Sciences Research Group) released the "mobile Internet Illegal Information Monitoring Report (2010 Third)" for the first time, more than ten meisho real exposure station.

mobile phone station scale

Chinese Academy of Sciences Research Group from August 2010 to November, more than 2700 mobile phone monitoring sampling site, found suspected of spreading pornographic websites 272, accounting for 10% of the mobile phone test site, otherwise suspected pornographic websites provide mobile phone recharge card cash service website 2, management of illicit supplies site 2.

more than 276 sites suspected of direct manipulation by the foreign companies pornographic mobile phone site of the 49, by the professional operators of large pornographic mobile phone website of the other, and a small personal site of 56.

report said that through the above data, the pornographic mobile phone site presents a scale, enterprise development trend. Research group of monitoring of the Canadian General Company ( specializes in providing services for domestic and overseas users, to provide domain name registration and overseas space for domestic users of the mobile phone number of pornographic website rental service.

real name exposure color station

report for the first time the real name of the exposure of a number of color station owners, the report was named up to 13 people, including the contents of the URL, ID number, bank account number, cell phone number, QQ number and other personal information. Is the real name exposure personnel including core staff of Canadian General Company Lee, Xu, "the domain name holder and direct operator" pornographic website for mobile phone platform Jo, and occupation color station Liang et al. A beam is in 2010 by CCTV in June exposed the "silk stockings" series of mobile phone web site, with more than 20 mobile phone pornographic website, a website has a master beam of tens of thousands of pornographic films, the 15 sites total daily traffic of more than 1 million independent mobile phone users.


report pointed out that the "168 Alipay" WAP payment Alliance for a number of pornographic websites to provide mobile phone Mobile Recharge Card password real-time cash services, mobile phone pornographic website platform for money laundering.

continues to accuse operator

third monitoring report as the first two, as operators do not continue to blame or deliberately indulge in pornography on mobile phone.

group in the report by the Ministry of industry and synchronous said in a letter, three months of July 20, 2010 -10 month 20 days, the research group found that 36 business 12 SP/CP put in a hundred mobile phone website dissemination of pornographic content, an increase of two times.

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