Baidu Li Yinan said SP model will continue to remain optimistic about the game and advertising

in December 8th, in the mobile Internet Conference, Baidu chief technology officer Mr. Li Yinan said at the forum, the mobile internet entertainment needs to be played and greater development in a large extent, from the point of view of Baidu, China Mobile 2008 of the market in 2009 in a blowout period.


, SARFT science and technology division director Wang Xiaojie had explained that the "forward" and "backward" culture of different cultures, on many occasions she believes that TV is a "backward" culture, and the computer is "forward" culture. Li Yinan at the forum also expressed a similar view: "we know the biggest entertainment often demand lies in a more relaxed state, not today sit in front of the computer, or slightly forward, in front of the screen." This is what Wang Xiaojie said "forward culture".

precisely because of this, Li Yinan believes that the need for entertainment needs people in a relaxed state. The convenience of mobile Internet and mobile terminals, diversity, cost reduction, cloud computing capabilities, so that the demand for entertainment can be greater to play and develop to a greater extent.

from the market point of view, Li Yinan also borrowed Japanese mobile Internet development data to illustrate. In recent years, the Japanese market, from the social network, online game applications, and mobile search, moving pictures, mobile video growth and growth are very large." From the perspective of Baidu, China Mobile market, 2008, 2009 in a blowout period." He looked back on it.

talking about the mobile Internet business model, Li Yinan believes that in the Internet China, the largest source of income is the game, the second largest source of income is advertising, we believe that these models will play a very important business model in the mobile Internet, and the growth rate is also very fast. For the SP model, that is to charge the user model, he believes, will still be retained and developed to a considerable extent.

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