The programmer can still make out whether the code is good the most important experience

most people think IT industry is a young industry, the three old people with "word grey-haired program ape is not to have any contact, they do not understand the iPhone, Linux and cloud, only those energetic young people and to code the endless fight. But the famous IT old reporter, 56 year old Steven · ·,; but Nichols reminds people: programmers, but also the more old more spicy.

author Steven · Vaughan · (Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols) can be regarded as a veteran of the old bones and IT programmers. In the early 70s, CP/M-80 operating system or advanced technology, 300BPS is very fast network connection, Steven started on the science and technology related to business writing, he was also the first to report on the world wide web reporter. The following is his voice for the majority of the old procedures issued by the monkeys:

I’m 56 years old. Although I’m not really a grandfather, but I’m getting old. I first came into contact with the Internet in the last century in 70s. I use the first programming language is IBM 360 assembly language, the first operating system is IBM mainframe OS/360 system. I was the first reporter to report on the world wide web (Web) as a new web service, only then in 1993. But I just know a little bit about the calculation of the fur.


author Steven · Vaughan ·

but lately I’ve noticed a lot of talk about the old people who don’t understand iPhone, Linux, or the cloud". It makes me feel like I have betrayed the "old" group.

but, please look at our IT field celebrities. Denis · Ricci (Dennis Ritchie), the father of C language, the founder of Unix, who died last year at the age of 70. Ken · Thompson (Ken Thompson), another inventor of Unix, is now 69 years old. James · (James Gosling), the father of Java, is now 57 years old. Bill Gates (Bill Gates) and Microsoft CEO · (Steve Ballmer) are 56 years old, are. Steve · (Steve Jobs) left us when he was 56 years old. Tim · (Tim Cook), the successor of Jobs, apple current >

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