Heaven and 7 pornographic websites moderators to upload pornographic information captured

only to seek stimulation, Jiangsu province Haian County jiaoxie town 27 year old Wu Hua indulge in the network, less than a year, as a number of pornographic websites for moderators, upload a surprising number of pornographic pictures, movies, novels, extremely bad social impact. In the renovation of vulgar battle, the police follow it, success will be known as "Heaven angel" Wu Hua captured.

a computer is always on the net

in early February this year, Haian County Public Security Bureau police department supervisor to clean up harmful information on the Internet, found that Haian county has a computer is active, many times to the Internet some yellow website upload pornographic information, a large number of.

screening of the information released by the computer, the police found a total of 7 different yellow sites or forums to receive the computer sent a yellow picture, text and movies. The detailed analysis of the organizational structure of the police immediately to 7 websites, found that these sites have a common characteristic in the form of organization, management structure were Pyramid, each site is divided into different sections, by the respective moderators of independent management, mutual non-interference. In the survey, a nickname for "heaven" the moderator was incorporated into the line of sight of the police.

along with the orderly investigation work, the true identity of the angels gradually surfaced. After a series of technical analysis, the police determined that the location of the computer in the town of Haian angle oblique. "Angel of heaven" is an ordinary villager Wu Hua.

evidence is difficult to capture

in late February 11th 8, the police toward Wu Hua’s home, on the spot will be lying in bed, Wu Hua suspects arrested. On the scene when the police forensics, computer power out of the question. See the police were unable to open the computer, Wu Hua crime spreading pornographic information on Internet denied.

police search Wu Hua residence, only to find a number of bank cards and remittances, did not find the presence of pornographic content storage media. At this point, a hidden drawer in the closet attracted the attention of the police. Police let Wu Hua open the drawer, but said that the drawer has never been used in the past, the key has long gone, Wu Hua. In Wu Hua’s nightstand careful police found a bunch of keys, after a few attempts finally opened the drawer, the drawer is impressively stocked with a pornographic CD cover content not fit to be seen.

was found on pornographic discs, while the computer was turned on. The police found a lot of harmful information from the computer, but also found traces of Wu Hua to yellow after leaving the website upload information. In the face of evidence, Wu Hua finally lowered his head.

fall history alarming

Wu Hua explained that uploading pornographic information is purely to seek stimulation.

Wu Hua after graduating from junior high school into a vocational school in Haian. After graduation, Wu Hua has worked in Haian, Suzhou, Nanjing and other places. Last March, he stay at home. Unfortunately, in the face of the pressure of life, Wu Hua does not

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