How to plan out the rich connotation of the value of viral marketing article

lead: today’s Internet environment such as Japan in the world, the rapid pace of network development, that how to borrow today the Internet trend, the Internet to create new brand.

user group analysis and positioning research:


Analysis of

user platform

first of all, analyze the positioning of their own product advantages, thinking of the soft text of the audience of the user, for the target population analysis, the selection of targeted content targeted push.

Research and analysis of the

platform, analysis of user psychology, enterprise product positioning packaging, identity propagation multiple platform for enterprise brand information to realize enterprise reputation propaganda, for the enterprise products information can use from the media platform to push, to attract like-minded users attention, through user attention triggered user needs.

enterprise product information can be considered using the company’s subscription number to push, so that potential users and users to focus on the resonance of the user interest, to achieve product sales.

enterprise service number for enterprise brand loyalty of the target user push, push the target users to send is relatively strong buying demand of the users, or users can accurately repeat consumers’ brand push, to achieve brand loyalty cultivation.

content planning purpose detection:


on the target user psychological analysis content updates, content of title is really the target users love, whether planning document title can achieve real commitment and to meet the psychological needs of the users of the title.

copy created content is interesting, can impress the target user, lit the target user enthusiasm for the product, and whether the product copywriting allows users to truly aware of the value of the product, planning content and brand credibility, persuasive, fine copy can let the user satisfaction, user psychological final estimate.

copy of the contents of the planning must be streamlined, so that the copy of the product in close combination, through the introduction of the text, as well as the user’s psychological analysis and research, and ultimately encourage the reader to the last part of the sale of the purchase.

graphic writing:


1 graphic content planning first start from the title, how to use the taboo negative words, modifiers to stimulate the user’s desire for psychological knowledge, to achieve the content of reading.

2 product functional planning can be used by developers, users of multiple identities on the product, to achieve product reliability. 3 combined with the selling point of the product to predict the user’s psychological needs, through the proposed user needs to trigger the user’s demand for the product, to encourage potential customers to purchase >

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