Marketing website should have what function

marketing website refers to the modern network marketing concept as the core, to search engine optimization performance, good user experience as the standard, which can convert visitors to maximize the customer enterprise website. I believe that 99% of the enterprises do not for the purpose of appreciation to others, but in order to expand their business and promote their product.

marketing enterprise website first to comply with the rules of SEO, because at this stage, the search engine optimization ranking has become one of the most important means of website promotion. Therefore, to become a marketing website, there are some functions to be able to have:

1. Generate static functions:

relative to the dynamic parameters of the web page, static web pages for search engines more friendly. Search engines are also more like static web pages included. In addition to the search engine friendly, static web page for the user to open the speed of the server’s resource load, the operation of the program and the query efficiency of the database is greatly better than the dynamic web page. Therefore, as a marketing site, the function of generating static pages is essential.

two. Dynamic changes in the title of each page, keywords and description tags:

the home page of a web site to bring traffic is limited, and now the search engine for the site’s home page optimization seo how much there are still some exclusion, especially excessive optimization. Therefore, a marketing type website is not only the home page keywords ranking, but the entire site of any page. This requires that the entire site of any page has its own unique title, keywords and description tags. If is the enterprise product page, it is best to do with the product name + title company name, if it is the best news page, news headlines + company name as a title, and key words and description tag is best added manually in the background, it can according to the keywords we need targeted.

three. News release function:

has the advantages of the news publishing site is self-evident, first of all, he represents the enterprise’s formal, timely feedback to their customers through the website some information. A search engine is also optimistic about the site must be a regular website to keep updated. If you have a corporate website news release function, so we must make good use of it, the recent dynamic use it to tell your customers your company, use it to tell the search engines your website is a "live" website..

four. Link function:

links to achieve the function of the site of mutual exchange, his establishment can increase the amount of your site visits, increase your site and other sites of cooperation opportunities, improve your website visibility. For the search engine, links will improve your site in the search engine weight, and improve the overall ranking of the site. Therefore, the function of the link is an important function of a marketing website.


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