How to promote marketing website

website marketing to promote the use of a number of ways to achieve the effect of Web site publicity. Website promotion planning not only can improve the site traffic, the most important to achieve website promotion and business promotion effect. In general, first of all, to develop a preliminary plan for social networking marketing, accurate promotion programs, traffic monitoring, etc., the following summary of the basic website marketing planning steps Hou Qinglong.

a, analysis of site positioning

website goal orientation is to determine the site theme, service industry, user groups and other substance. Embodied in the website to provide users with valuable information, content, user experience in line with standard site to long-term development, website localization seriously to be calm, to think, not ambitious, the real position and development goals of the web site.

two, web site planning

according to the site’s main target groups to divide the overall structure of the site and columns. Web site planning, determines the direction of the development of the site and user groups, but also determines the search engine crawl index, the impact of the site keywords ranking, website column structure requirements simple, clear, convenient. In the image layout, design style, as well as the relationship between the pages of the hook.

three, website style and image

everyone has his own personality, as each site will have their own style, must be the website style and most users can be interlinked, improve the user experience, to let visitors love website appearance, improve website image, according to this website by industry and user group analysis, design good user love style.

four, site layout

suggested that Div+Css can be used to collocation station layout, it is consistent with the W3C web standards, and to reduce unnecessary code, improve the site open speed, improve the user experience, but also the comparison website after revision.

five, website creative design

can seize the user’s " eye " and to meet the needs of users, the site can often content, with the development of the industry changes and changes in the site. Intelligent web site to provide common features.

six, website maintenance upgrade

web site maintenance and web application, the content of the website maintenance, is composed of professionals, according to the website information maintenance, ensure the site time and maintenance activity, including website service web application security maintenance, to prevent hacker attacks, followed by online support website, website customer service staff according to user needs to provide the corresponding technical support.

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