Some of the views of a push member on yellow pages website

10 years ago, Alibaba rely on the Yellow Pages site started, after laying a dominant position at the time, yellow pages is a very popular website, but over the past ten years or so popular pages web site, but also like ten years ago is a cash Qian Shu? Here are a few days ago push a yellow pages web site in the forum a case:

push a website diagnosis:

Title: how to promote the local yellow pages

content: business yellow pages, industry information, business opportunities, life classification


type: local yellow pages, local industry stand

site positioning: local e-commerce

want to consult the problem: how to get out of the promotion of

to local Yellow Pages

: what do the other pages and market, how can the local yellow pages, can let the line businesses know, let the user know that line.

1 floor A De:

said this site really want to attract companies easy, want to let the user know difficult!

reason is only a little, users do not pay attention to this, they will only use Baidu to search for some of the things he cares about can happen to enter you here!

do you want to, ah, you want the local users to know what your site to provide them?

but there are ways to promote the

1 you have a larger local forum, basically the telecommunications stand up to the inside of the application of ID often irrigation, in their signature to sign their own website!

2 to strengthen the search probability of local keywords such as search Beijing + fertilizer can be found in your site of the XXX fertilizer company in Beijing (this is your advantage)

3 when you come to the basic investigation of the local enterprises you are in the top three appear, you can go to the enterprise flicker money!2 floor:


do local station to find their own positioning,

you this is Wenzhou yellow pages search engine, can look at Wenzhou, the Forum; local stations, individual stations, these stations have those, to promote cooperation in Wenzhou, user group, promotion of mass mailing publicity, or hold the small line activities, so that more companies know your yellow pages station.

first of all to your Wenzhou related optimization to Baidu home page, so, your popularity, improve. As A De said, are now using Baidu search if you are in front of the Wenzhou enterprises in Wenzhou, it is successful

3 small sharks:

yellow pages of this kind of thing, can not be said, but has also been a lot of new Internet application mode and the production of.

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