Enterprise marketing to the community and 2 cold thinking

I received a letter in my mailbox called "2008 93% website will add Web2.0 function".

in fact, this news is based on facts, according to a recent survey of "more than half of the network marketing business plan to add to enhance the user experience of Web2.0 function in the next 6 months. More than 93% of companies plan to increase the site’s Web2.0 functionality within a year."

why do I want to make this data out of the question because more and more companies are starting to build communities and integrate Web2.0 technology, which is no different from the user’s point of view. Blind pursuit of the trend of the Internet mentality of the brand to establish any help.

this report really exaggerated some titles. For example, Web2.0 should include a full range of user reviews, personalized information customization, exchange of views, etc.. So this article has previously demonstrated that the Web2.0 concept is meaningless. It is for this reason that a friend of mine called it "post Web2.0".

Some other data

but we list but dramatic make this situation has changed, we can again in another way to talk about web2.o, summed up as "participation", the technology and the Web2.0 without what too big change basically, but it is a big progress, because it is more and more. Close to the user’s needs and expectations.

so what does it mean to participate in the word, and the enterprise in the face of the war in the network marketing and what kind of risk?

The real challenge

in fact the enterprise is facing them from a one-way mode to the Internet with the participation, interactive mode, in this process, the Internet has become a real business channel. And this change forced most companies need to rethink the network channel strategy, planning and management and other related issues. At the same time, it also needs new technology (such as the online community module) and the traditional method of rational allocation of resources to other new channels (such as technical support and customer service).

the following points are easy to make mistakes in the transformation of the enterprise and user communication process:

misunderstanding a tool to the core of the method

to the enterprise, the use of a set of advanced tools to build a community around the brand is a very attractive thing, these functions include product ratings, reviews, comments, discussion, thread Witkey, chat, RSS, SMS platform, instant messaging, blog, video blog (vlog), mobile blog, podcast, the video podcast, the wisdom of polymerization, members recommended market forecast etc.. None of them is a real community. Because the community website is composed of people, the interaction between the people and the various things to share. As marketers should not blindly pursue those emerging technology solutions, and should be more from the product strategy

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