Reveal the next 10 years the huge spending power unprecedented entrepreneurial opportunities

take a minute to study every day, your life will be more exciting, I am Hong yu. This year is 2016, from the beginning of this year, the next ten years will produce a huge consumer market, and the market will be unprecedented consumer power!

what is a predictable trend?

when I was in hospital for SEO, two months of hard work site, unfortunately, I met Baidu convulsions, website was "pulling"……

when I found I with deep hatred and resentment, all peers are "pulling" website. This I am very puzzled, listen to the sound of the industry, all are random guess. What the hell is this,


Hong rain to ask the director of optimization, after all, is a big brother, told me a word, immediately solved my doubts. "This is very simple, because the big eighteen will be held, the meeting allowed private capital into the medical, so Baidu afraid of death, it directly removed all."

I see light suddenly! National political policy is decided the trend of powerful force, but also see, see! 2016 what is the most down to earth policy? You must also read the news, is open two-child policy! Enough is not down to earth? Suddenly feel? Zhou Hongyi talk about products the six words of high frequency, the pain point, just to be. Such a huge market should be how to use, I think you must have a heart.

for such a huge market, hung rain talk about the choice of products.

from 2016 began ringing, the first batch of two children began to fall. In the face of this batch of small customers, the first thought is that Hong Kong baby products, of course, Hong rain do not understand these things, I still point to my side.

Yuesao more and more sought after, I live in the three line of the city is now 10000 a month will not hire people so big city prices as can be imagined. To say that a lot of fetal education, education, infant education, preschool education, preschool education, various interest classes, chess, painting, musical instruments, calligraphy, paper cutting, Ancient Chinese Literature Search, skating, swimming…… Oh, my God, I can’t count. A friend of my child, still in elementary school, but also reported 5 interest training courses.

well, this may be the market has been great, but I still want to say that the derivative industry, training class, is not to recruit teachers or teachers? Various special teacher will shortage? Teachers training institutions is also popular? At least flood rain here Yuesao city. The training is now busy. I have a friend to do Jia card, if the job requires a certificate, then his business is not hot. All right, just kidding, just thinking.

grasp live, hold tight, listed with hope.

is a New Oriental Education huge monster, but he mainly for job training. If you >

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