The webmaster should not promote the use of promotional software website

the most headache problem should be how to promote their own website, because now the construction of a website is very easy, but the website promotion is not so easy, which is why some owners in the root cause of success, some owners fail, the key lies in the promotion of. If the owners of the strategy and the promotion of appropriate, then, the success is just a matter of light. But in real life, more than 90% of the owners are not successful, perhaps some webmasters in the brink of success, but this is successful and the. Can’t say you’re successful. What secret is what, why some owners will succeed. Today, we will talk about one of the webmaster promotion strategy, it should not be used to promote their own websites to promote software.

software has many kinds, believe that the webmaster for the promotion of software are very familiar with, now I will focus on several promotion software, what about these promotion software on our website to help much, played a big role in the process of.

1, mass mailing software; see that one is able to know the web site address to let more people through the mail form, can be aware of the existence of such a website, so this is a mass mailing software what is good, what is the harm? It can in the shortest possible time to your site is extended to the mailbox, if one day can send ten thousand emails to 1/10 people click on your email to count, then one day there are 1000 people to click on your site, so the flow up. If the 1000 people have 1/10 on your website is interested, then one day the intention customer base will have 100 people, if there is a 1/5 in the 100 person to buy your stuff, or become your faithful visitors, then you one day there will be 20 of the most the value of the customer. This is a very good effect. What is worse: by mailing post, a majority is no one to see, if you do not have to also adhere to long-term email, immediate effect is not obvious, but also through the mail post normal will not be included in the search engine, so this is not good.

2, blog group software; in fact, the nature of the mass blog software and mass mailing software, that is to say, their principles are actually the same. It is almost the same benefits, but only if the blog has not been deleted by the blog, then it will be included in the search engine, so you can increase your site outside the chain, to optimize their preparation.

3, forum community mass software; the forum message software if the previous two years, perhaps just out of the very good, to the forum to post, all of a sudden get traffic is very good, but if your site is good, it is easy to become the all of a sudden. But now is not enough, and now almost all the forum is to pass the post audit, only after the audit can be passed, and the post which can not bring advertising links, a discovery will immediately delete. So now forum group >

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