Point get a hundred million yuan C round of financing word of mouth network investment


technology news September 18th morning news, the domestic takeaway O2O service providers point me officially announced the completion of the C round of financing, the investor is word-of-mouth network, green collar capital acted as exclusive financial advisor in this financing. I refused to disclose the specific amount of financing.

point I and word-of-mouth network did not disclose the specific amount of investment. According to sources close to the transaction, the current round of financing to a few billion.

according to the introduction, this round of financing will be used to develop the real-time logistics platform "I", the platform on the line in the first week has covered Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, Ji’nan more than and 10 city, 100 thousand single day single breakthrough.

previously, I point it in July 2012 to get $2 million investment in A round of financing in Gobi, in July 2014 to get Qiao Jing venture capital, far mirror fund, the United States and Asia Pacific Fund joint venture of $10 million B round of financing.

I think it is one of the first companies involved in the field of takeaway O2O, has been committed to creating a local life network, one-stop solution to Online& Offline home shopping services. I will point to the end of the Online from the narrow takeaway platform to a broad takeaway platform to the local life network platform; Offline side will be taken from the delivery to the development of real-time logistics.

at present, the "point me" cooperation of more than 2000 brands of food and beverage, in Shanghai and Hangzhou are welcome. At the same time, the "me" Offline "I reached the end strategy product" has been on the line, using a unique "Crowdsourcing + full-time" logistics, meet all kinds of short instant logistics demand.

reputation network, is a local life service platform, at the end of June this year by the Alibaba and ant group financial services group jointly invested 6 billion yuan to set up. The new word of mouth platform, a collection of Alibaba and the advantages of both sides of the ant service. Alibaba’s food and beverage service platform Amoy little, and the ant line under the line of business resources and team, have injected a new reputation. (Shang Zi)

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