The answer to these adorable face no secret after the explosion of red and rapid fall of products is

points, in 2016 the phenomenon of a few products, has been like a corpse to bid farewell to our 9 days long.

the official reason is hold big move, do technology upgrade. But according to a parent in the team consists of a product manager revealed the situation, it seems just a big move: "we cover these days a lot of people have been in off state".

official announcement should be long in coming, the side illustrates this point.

yesterday should & good team several colleagues go to tour the scorpions (The Scorpions) in the body of the concert, we all love the old man.

says a "The Best Yet To Come" that was not so popular that the scorpion didn’t sing last night, "Is said. This song translation was a bit vulgar, rude little, just don’t worry, don’t panic, don’t lose, good in the first.

yes, we just started, good in the first. When we give you a better answer ~

two users of this announcement Tucao, can represent a considerable part of the user’s voice:

"eight or nine days not on the line, you told me you went to the concert?"

"complete disregard for the user, without notice suddenly went down, downtime is not clear reply

is not out of the big BUG? Is it not a micro envelope? Is not the tax has been closed? This series of questions, sub – & the team did not have a formal reply.

to some extent, if not for a few days on the line is not too much, too much contempt for the user, the service should not stop the matter no one cares." One should competitive team staff, said in 36 that krypton.

after 42 days and 42 days of hurricane, falling

points have been very dazzling.

June 27th, on-line 42 days should foreign held the first press conference, announced a set of 10 million grades: "user participation, more than 1 million users to pay for the contents, 500 thousand questions and answers, the transaction amount of more than 18 million, 25 million dollars in financing, valuation of more than $one hundred million".


points on the line 42 days of data

and when another 42 days have passed, the answer is already fading.


points to the Baidu index trend


points from June 1st to August 3rd data changes, data from supersymmetry

why not?


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