90 minutes 8000 boxes book bag logic thinking antecedent funeral

sells books on the book thinking about the past more than a month. As a man from the book industry to try to try the water temperature on the Internet, I know this time for different people have different concepts. On the Internet, this story is over, and in the industry, it is at least not associated with most people. The Internet broke the news and information, such as the true story, the line is still walked as trassient as a fleeting cloud, your sun, and has almost become the past fast line.

so, I think, maybe this is the point when you can play afterwards smoke, not for others, this group of people is still in the industry we toss.

five hours, all the 8000 sets of payment completed

back to that day. In June 16th, liberal arts and logic thinking of the group, we opened a handicap, voice from the morning Lo fat release, micro shop on sale, to 12 p.m., 17.5 hours, book bag can sell how much. Ronaldo reported number is 8000 sets sold out. I thought for a moment, at 6000, and 5800 without spending a sister newspaper, while logic thinking this project children docking at 3700, I think this is entirely expelled find the rhythm of the war, even saying auspicious words will not say.

before we have to limit the number of this version has been discussed in the end, I am more conservative, Luo fat is actually. Since it is an experiment, the more qualified the conditions, the clearer the experimental results. Finally set to 8000, is how much we feel a little bit of a grasp. With this number at the bottom, other conditions must be harsh. For example, the box thing does not inform, no discount, no preheating, not the site, on a micro shop, volley rang, crashing on sale.

but I really think, even if sold out within two weeks, is a major breakthrough. 499 pack a box of books, online payment is considered large, the importance of the book in today is even less than a dress, a good meal. Of course, the main book bag is a book, but not only is the book, not because the book is not put with the same thing, but because it is essentially a game with the nature and temperature of the package.

originally I was going to shop online bookstore and micro are put, the idea is very simple, the first micro store sale, selling only 5000 units, the rest in Dangdang or Jingdong sales, to influence radiation to the traditional channels, this logic thinking is a good thing, not only affect the logic of thinking about. Luo fat do not have to, in a single micro channel channels can be. I didn’t agree with that, but after I got back, I wanted to know. If you want to sub channels, in the form of content packs that are to be distinguished. If there is no difference between the channel points just from talking. Special customized channel has its own exclusive atmosphere, like the difference between a private dish with Meishan Dongpo restaurant. It’s all right, but it’s got to be different.

got up very early in the morning of June 17th, the first time that I had seen the early morning of Beijing for the first time in more than a decade

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