Small and medium enterprises network marketing concept change do not put eggs in the same basket

three years ago, the head of the company’s sales and small and medium enterprises to talk about network marketing, talk about the main content of the site, Baidu optimization, Alibaba launched. The basic pattern is: listen to the conversation – in – answer – final signing. Some of the broken jade Internet companies have to understand the person in charge may question: you and a certain company, what are the advantages?. However, according to recent, especially since the start of the year, some sales staff to reflect the problem is: customers take the initiative to ask questions. Including Baidu greater cost, how to operate the mall, WeChat marketing how to play, do not do micro-blog marketing, etc.. This is for my inspiration is: the person responsible for the previous most will choose a platform for network marketing, but now they are more concerned about how to use multiple platform for network marketing, and even some small and medium-sized enterprises begin to achieve different goals of enterprise network marketing platform of different.


two examples

in order to understand the small and medium-sized enterprises responsible for the network marketing investment direction changes, new year I also selected two customer visit. A customer is a small manufacturer of gloves, the main production is to touch the touch screen gloves. We have done for the company has more than a dozen different sites, including the official website, brand stand, optimize the site, trade, retail and other sites. But now the company’s network marketing has been divided into four blocks. One is around the Baidu optimization and information dissemination, one is around the mall online retail. One is around micro-blog mall process import and brand communication. One is around WeChat, mobile site for mobile marketing. And, they are different for each platform positioning, for example, Baidu positioned in the emphasis on information, so the promotion is to attract some of the content. For micro-blog positioning is the introduction of traffic, so the promotion of hot information, and with the mall url. In WeChat and mobile sites, the emphasis on entertainment and warmth of information. Another customer is doing equipment production and sales of products, instrument was bidding and Ali’s focus on the development of the object, now their marketing strategy involves micro-blog advertising alliance, WeChat planning activities etc.. Is the person in charge of the instrument company said: network marketing is also not put the egg in one basket, and not afraid of being broken, but hope that different baskets can hatch.

Effect of


small and medium enterprises in the network marketing investment is no longer the eggs in the same basket, which will be related to the impact of the network marketing personnel will do?

Effects of

on a small network marketing company: the standard configuration of small network company of about 10 is this: a programmer is responsible for a production site, two or three SEOer is responsible for site optimization, 35 sales staff, if the operation is efficient, the price is low, also can be a lot of customers. Can be said to belong to technology companies. But now, it’s not enough to just have the experience

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