Remember the clothes are still 7 days of operation site 150P

150IP every day for many webmaster, may be very little, but for me this August 30th officially started construction, the new site in September 3rd was perfected, is really a happy thing is I.

In fact, the

website the most important purpose is to make money, if the site does not flow, the money is out of the question, today I have to say, I do this several days of publicity and promotion for everyone to talk about, I hope a little help for the novice.

first, the first thing of course is submitted to a search engine, we search the major search engine website login entrance "will come out a lot of pages in the search engine, according to the page address submit your site is good, don’t be lazy, especially some English search engines have to log on. I the three search engines to login: search engine submission, search engine submission, search engine submission, the three search engine submission, in a few days will continue to have some information over the need to confirm, some even need to charge, free of all agree well, anyway, The more, the better.. (currently IP5 per day)

second, is to fight for a large number of the chain, such as I have often in cnzz, Chinaz, Admin5, Dvbbs, BBSXP and other major forum post, because these forums authority is relatively high, the search engine often visit the site, of course, the content of your post will be taking care of the light here, a few tips said, the first is the signature, signature but advertising the best choice, and to remember that if the signature can do if the link must do link; second is the content of the post, not pure advertising, it is easy to be deleted, you can send some exchange Links posts. To work in just ways their own website to promote a constant; finally is the top post, let his signature flying everywhere in the forum, especially the top and popular posts must be the top search engines, machine Would be higher. (currently IP40 per day)

third: the application of a number of well-known website blog, blog address two is best to use the domain name, then the name written in his blog site name, there is a relationship between the last published articles and the site is good, do not have multiple, I often use the blog mainly Sina, Tianya, and etc.. (currently IP15 per day)

fourth: now users are using QQ and prosperous, especially the electronic commerce sites, Wangwang is essential, so many Taobao customers, we have to use it, or sorry for myself, oh, actually this is very simple, is to find some of their products and related groups, add then, advertising can be, of course, also have some skills Oh, be careful out of host T. At the present day

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