74 year old Gu Jianfen do new song song teach website

Gu Jianfen

Admin5 station network March 5th news: the creation of Gu Jianfen’s "mother’s kiss" "mushroom girl" "young friend meets" "leaves on the root of friendship" and other songs, accompanied by several generations of people spent years, and the popular popular composer at the age of 74, did something even she didn’t think that the opening of a site.

Gu Jianfen opened the new school song (www.xinxuetangge.com) website, because the child. Gu Jianfen said the children didn’t sing has long been the concern of the whole society, so she decided to let the children have their own songs and began writing, second years of published CD "please put my songs back to your house", contains a total of 30 songs for children. In 2006 she published Gu Jianfen’s Poems "CD" new song ", including the first 20 children’s songs, last year also went to the CCTV recording" Gu Jianfen’s poetry "new song" concert "disc. However, these songs whether children can get love, teachers and parents recognized, can withstand the test of time, Gu Jianfen has been mentally disturbed. So she opened the site in full support of her daughter, hope to promote these songs through the network channels, and get feedback fans for the first time.

Gu Jianfen of the "early spring" "poem" "song of tomorrow" 19 song of ancient poetry and a modern poem "Tang poetry", a spectrum of children’s songs, and published the "new song" the first series, then to compose "Three Character Classic" and other classic enlightenment books. "For me, this series of creative processes amazed me. I try to capture accurate music language, to find the most suitable music image, express my unfulfilled responsibility and guilt feelings to the kids! "Gu Jianfen hope that through the" new song "together with the children to learn the teachings of ancestors," the "new song" sing for the ancestors, more sing for the future! "