Tencent confirmed the establishment of a joint venture with Groupon

newspaper news (reporter Yang Miao) Tencent insiders confirmed to reporters yesterday, the U.S. group purchase giant Groupon will set up a joint venture with Tencent on the way into the Chinese market, the new company will be sent by the Tencent CEO.

since last week, the industry has been rumored Groupon will set up a joint venture with the Tencent to carry out group purchase business in mainland Chinese, each invested 50%. But the Tencent insiders on the proportion of investment does not.

largest domestic buy network will be born

in Groupon in China, the Tencent has launched its own group purchase business, but the deputy director of Tencent QQ group purchase last year Huang Junpeng said in his speech, QQ line of 300 people group purchase group purchase team, and no employees of Tencent, but all of the agency. Insiders said that Tencent’s focus on providing technical platform, did not recruit a large number of ground sales staff. According to previous media exposure Groupon recruitment e-mail shows that Groupon plans to expand the size of the Chinese staff to 1000 people in the next 3 months, of which the number of 700 people will be engaged in sales work. This is exactly the pattern of Tencent buy just complementary.

sales team of 700 people, Tencent and Groupon joint venture will become one of the largest group buying site. When a domestic buy site announced the coverage of 100 cities, the number of employees for the 300. This ratio, Groupon into China can open a service of about 200 cities.

Groupon will enter the Chinese market to buy a group battle is more intense. According to the 2010 domestic network group buying industry statistics show that as of the end of 2010, the number of domestic buy site has 2612.

it is understood that Groupon outside the United States to conduct business in general is the acquisition of the largest local buy site, and re named Groupon plus local market name. In this way, Groupon entered the market in Hongkong, Taiwan and singapore. A joint venture with Tencent marks the introduction of a completely different approach to mainland china. Groupon was founded in 2008, is the founder of the online group purchase mode, is currently the world’s largest group purchase website.

experts say Groupon needs Tencent

according to previous media exposure of Groupon recruitment e-mail shows that Groupon plans to expand the scale of Chinese employees to 1000 people in the next 3 months. Some experts in the industry on the prospects of cooperation between Tencent and Groupon vary. Innovation works in micro-blog chairman Li Kaifu said, the Tencent can bring popularity and traffic for group purchase, but the combination of online and offline channels and no experience, so that the public comment, Alipay, Baidu is Groupon better potential partners.

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